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not that anyone will, but brutal honesty meme

i somehow got stuck in the library after a trip to staples (i went home between work and staples in the end because i forgot my special paper) even though fuck all is going on in the internets. why?

i'm going to be a good girl and work really hard one ziney things. i will. and dance to one of the mixtapes in cd form i made for [ profile] hello_amber and [ profile] hello_maranda.
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honesty meme, like.

i'd write a proper entry but i'm going home in two ticks to make veggie chilli, test a recipe for uncle steve because he's decided, inspired by saint jamie, to cook something not containing meat once a week, and me and carl are the 'family veggies'. except not really, but i guess the closest thing.

i've had julie round for the day which included serious talks in the library and politics in the kitchen (julie has just realised she's actually a little communist) and me teaching her to make lovely lentil soup.

there was big fat package of zines #1 hanging out of my letter box when i got in. yaye hooray.

i'm still surprised how unphased and not panicking i am about the only a tenner in the bank thing. normally i'd be shitting myself to bits.
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kids, in the comments of this entry please tell me facts about vampires according to films or tv programs you've seen or books you've read, preferably stating the source too, but it doesnt matter. also supply me with links to websites with 'useful' information and 'rules' about how vampires work. such as does their hair grow, likes and dislikes, things that kill them, how one becomes a vampire. i don't care if any of this information is in contradiction, i dont mind. this is research, and i'll appreciate anything you can tell me a great deal cos i can't remember everything all the time.

ps. if you could pimp thislike a brutal honesty meme or something, i'd appreciate it as i'm sure there are lots of people who know about vampires that i don't know.


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