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i want this skirt so bad but its sold out in every size except 6 / 34. poo. and the amazing dress i found at the real h&m shop as sold out on the finnish website. i'm going to have to buy it myself aren't i? no getting ma to buy it with her vouchers. sulk.

in other news, not going to cobra starship. if it was anytime but now.. but i got to save up for the ev0l student loan interests.
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& i also have new shoes. fifteen english pounds i propably didn't really have to spread around like that. but they were on the sale, and i'd been eyeing them up since they first appeared on a shelf at the new look in the pentagon. i love them lots, with their sensible heels i think i can actually walk in without looking like an akward giraffe. i haven't test driven them outside yet (i bought them yesterday) because i keep thinking 'what if i realise i can't afford them and must return them' because obviously they don't take shoes that have been worn outdoors back. i'm such a dimwit sometimes. but i feel guilty for the shoes. though i guess at least they are not an impulse buy. but they so pretty. i've got similar brown ones from primark hiding somewhere that i bought ages on a semi whim and can't walk in them (yet) because they have the standard proper high heel.


the weather's lovely and warm (i don't really want it much warmer though, as i like wearing clothes) but sadly it means the crackheads etc have gone mental and i've got a load of them next door. i spoke to the old lady from upstairs and she was telling me all sorts of stuff that i won't repeat because it's not reaally that interesting. but i've decided i should complain to the housing officer too, maybe something will be done then (enough people moaning, not because i moaned..) but then again, i'm still not entirely sure what the hell is going on. all i know there's people coming in and out all times of the day who obviously do not live there. and shouting. i don't really mind _that much_, but out of solidarity i guess.

i haven't had post for weeks on end, seems like months (but then again the zine symposium feels like a month away at least and i think it's only been 2 weeks now) other than some uninteresting ones from my landlord saying someone's coming to fix the shed (wahey) but today i got a letter from the council (more housing benefit! win!) and a lovely letter from [ profile] photogirl which i have in my bag to read while walking since i finished my book this morning ("girl interrupted" by susanne kaysen. really liked it) and my headphones are still broken and i haven't bought new ones. i could go to argos today but i've decided that i'm not buying ANYTHING until i've run out of food and the fridge is stupidly full. i hope my bean and lentil loaf is still ok...(somehow i doubt it a bit.)

carl went home yesterday and he's not back until sometime sunday. oh well, maybe i'll get some things done. work on your pretty face #4 (i already have things, they just need to be typed up / written down prettily / be found...)

one more thing: when i was walking to the library, a man drove past me in a car and took a swig out of a large bottle that i'm 99.9% sure was whisky or other whisky coloured alcoholic beverage. isn't that just brilliant? i can't decide whether to laugh or cry about that. oh medway. ilu.

i'm off then. i've still got that reasonable pile of zines to assemble and staple that i've had since the monday after zine symposium, i just haven't had the something to actually make them, until now (i hope)

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i win at to do list today! i've done EVERY SINGLE THING on the list par the last two, but the night is still young. actually i didn't buy the callico because there was choices and i'm no good with decisions so i just got samples with prices and widths. that counts. going into the fashion bit at college is so unnerving. it makes me always feel like i'm not ______ (fill with superficial qualities) enough, which is unimportant but makes me feel uncomfortable. i bumped into a girl i photographed once for some fashion student's final project and she gave me her draft business card and i scribbled my email and url on a piece of pattern paper. you know, she might need help with something one day and be willing to part with cash for assistance. probably not, who knows.

it's hard to write properly on my lj these days. it's just a lot harder to be insightful or even truthful when you can't do it when the thought comes to you. i hate not having internets at home, but at the same time it's probably best, i'd never do anything else. or would i? i'm not sure. that's what happened when we got internets on boundary road. sigh.

sometimes i feel guilty about my staples self service copyscams. srsly. but today it wasn't my fault the nice girl punched in A4 self service copies instead of A3. & i used my £3 voucher too. so

yesterday the police came to see not me but some other people in my building about assault FOUR TIMES at least. and i had to let camp larry (who's flat they were at first..) into the building at 5.30 am cos he'd locked himself out. it's all asbo go go in my house. and when i turned to go back to bed i saw it was empty and thought carl had been kidnapped or something, two seconds later thought "oh he must have gone to the toilet while i wasn't looking" before realising he had actually gone home around 9. special.

i listed your pretty face is going straight to hell #3 on my etsy already, i'm going to write a proper description and take better photos later, it looks a bit wonky because i hadn't stapled it together because it was missing a page (fucked up one page last night. boo)
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earrings by miss tukru now for sale at the knifecrime etsy shop!
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(from paraphernalia)

how much do i need (at least one of) these two necklaces? answer: A LOT. maybe once those evil tax people give me my money back?
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no, i've still got all that fucking hair. it's not coming off until sunday or maybe worse, sometime next week now. if ellie can find her scissors. i don't want this hair waaah. carl's gone home and i'm sort of still at the studio because.. i don't know.

this entry will be pointless so i'll just cut it short here and go home and eat a curry because my yoghurt has its use by day tomorrow. i made a beat torture to do / poke people to do list at work but it's in my work trousers and i'm too lazy anyway. maybe i'll manage some form of fanzining. i made a cover for it the other day.

oh apathy, my only friend.

i went shopping with carl, and i semi fell in love with some shoes that i'm pretty sure i'd be silly to buy. but cream and black. 'sensible heels'. and carl bought some new jeans to make skinny for their bit at fashion week. you cant be scruffy at fashion week.


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