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me and carl made panna cotta on sunday semi according to this recipe, except we made if for two and made strawberry compote (chopped strawberries and heated in a pan with some sugar and a bit of water until mush.)

though to be honest, i did most of the work. carl did some stirring and drained the gelatine.

we win at foodie. <3

in other news from last weekend:

we found a weave in the car park outside the trashy nightclubs in maidstone. class.

the best shaped dress ever i found at h&m but didn't buy cos i'm poor. i remember it being more amazing though. hello hour glass.

in other news right now: not much. carl went home last night and i had to watch the apprentice on my own. oh noes, not rafe. sigh. and it's official: i need two duvets hung over the curtains to not be woken up stupid early by the sun (i hate you)
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just out on a quick one as i've promised i'd only be an hour and i've got ten minutes until i have to go not to be over an hour. the boy has burned his bottom on the hot water bottle and needs to be nursed. and i need to knit a hot water bottle so no more injuries are acquired.

we didnt go see art brut last night because £12 was just too much and we weren't in the mood and instead went to asda with carl's ma and pa and spent £40 on healthy food, with exception ofa bottle of vodka and some sweeties and erm crisps, but mostly it was things like spinach and lettuce and carrots and leek and dried chickpeas. and carl made sexy roast chicken filled with lemony ricotta cheese. yum yum i say.

lori was supposed to come for a visit tomorrow but bah world is naughty and things get in the way but she's coming next weekend instead. i just need to change my days off, which shouldn't be a problem. i was going to tell the boss when i left yesterday when i'd just received the email but he was off upstairs in the store room doing something so.. monday it is then.

it's quite possible that next week i will either a) have no form of computer to myself or b) i've got an ancient mac that with a broken cd drive. you have to live with what you're given i guess.

ps. can someone with a paid account make syndicated feed of knifecrime update blog please? is the feed url.

pps. there were some minor, mainly superficial updates on knifecrime just now / yesterday. x


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