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an interview with me and my friend riikka from the finnish underground women's culture societies zine "HELLA JA NYRKKI" (trans. Stove and the Fist) on the subject of Riot Grrl from 1999, when i was 17 and riikka was 15 and had never ever been interviewed about anything.. and had just discovered riot grrl ourselves. please bare that in mind, kids.


god, we were so naive and kind of cute in our weird critic of the violence attached to riot grrl. i'm part embarrassed and part 'omg! i was kinda awesome!' with my 17 year old self.

and in other related things:

"Revolution Grrrl Style Now!" Bikini Kill

carl downloaded it for me and i uploaded it for y'all. the quality's quite bad though, recorded of tape thats been taped off a tape that's been taped off a tape. but yeah.

in other news, not much.

long time.

Mar. 12th, 2008 01:26 pm
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i can't believe i haven't written anything since i went to the dentist. there's not much to write about. i've been working, and i've been nursing carl (he was ill for a day) and i've had a bit of a mentally really shit weekend. covered in self doubt, inadequacy to do much and frustration. i've spent a lot of time in bed.

i've somehow managed to half write issues #3 & #4 of your pretty face. how did that happen? but neither is anywhere near finished, and i want to finish #3 for the zine symposium (april 27th) which is over a month away, but i know myself, and know how impossible i can be.

carl went home yesterday and i woke up this morning in a panic thinking about how much council tax is. what the hell is wrong with me?

i made the most amazing pizza the other night. i'm officially amazing at pizza. SERIOUSLY. it almost made me cry how good it was and it was just your average tomato (tinned and sundried..) sweetcorn olives capers and cheese filling.

i've got to send some look books to france on carl's behalf. i didn't know gossip were playing in london next friday. sold out, but i entered a draw which i won't win.

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god. i love her a bit. she gives me chills. i'm sure i almost cried when i accidently saw them at hmv. i spent most of last night writing #4 stuff and listening to team dresch and gossip. i really should email her. but i don't know what to say..


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