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the christmas tree with lights and a real star. and my mama's presents.

+ unknown amount. )
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rocking around the christmas tree.. )

i bought a christmas tree the other day and after having some soup to cure our ills we assembled it and decorated it. it's still missing fairy lights, but im sure i'll find some in the poundshop. (all the ones in tesco had a ridiculous amount of lights for a wee 4ft tree.)

as you may have noticed, i've unlocked the pandora's box this journal. from now on. not that anything exciting ever happens, or i ever make entries. too busy and internetless these days.

in real life news, the council are mean fuckwits and have made me go £100 or so in rent arrears thanks to a reduction in my housing benefit wahey. but luckily mhs homes are very nice and understanding and beautiful people and i can pay bit my bit. and i'm being dragged to a dinner out tonight by photomeat so i can pay everyone what i owe. i'm going, but only to pay my dues, then i'm fucking off home. i don't think the restaurant would like me just sitting there ordering nothing. that lady at the chinese place back home was displeased enough by my order of spring rolls and rice.. also, i won't have time to make food before hand, do i really want to sit there and watch everyone scoff up lovely thai yum yums? hell no. shame, really. i was going to get everyone wee christmas presents but i haven't had the chance and don't seem to have the cash either now. boo.

anyway, should go and update carl on my visit to the very nice benefits adviser and then go home home home to change change change. oh and get some money out on my way..


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