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oh that thing when you definitely have a big fat crush on an internet pal you’ve been talking a lot to about big gay fanfic lately. (oh now it’s even obvious who it is oops except no one reads what i write in here so that's fine. not like i could do anything about big fat crush anyway cos distance and crap.)

in other news, fuck it i might write a little here while i'm at it, i've been dying of hayfever. like it has been SO AWFUL. i had to work yesterday and the pills i'd got earlier this week just in case did ~*fuck all*~ and it was just painful being there. today was so much worse though, i'm so happy i didn't have to suffer through it at work. i was so unconfortable i couldn't stop crying which made it worse cos crying makes my nose run and i was so megasnotty from the crying i could barely breathe at one point. yum. i was going to do a bunch of stuff today but thanks to evil fucking VERY HIGH pollen count and whoever takes care of the lawns etc at the estate had decided that VERY HIGH pollen count day was a GR8 DAY to mow all the lawns. fuck you you fucking knobhead. carl came home with different pills, more ibuprofen + a nasal spray, and i sprayed some of that stuff up my nose and ive felt much better all evening. though i can't be 100% sure it was the spray. does pollen count go down in the evening? i dont know. i mean, i still don't feel great but at least i dont wanna cry at everything anymore? note to self: the 10mg loratadine hay fever pills do fuck all, do not buy them.

to be honest, there is more but i should go to bed. i mean i dont have to get up for another 9h BUT BUT BUT i still need to make carl's lunch and i take a while to actually get to sleep. thankfully i managed to talk myself into doing a shorter day tomorrow than originally intended (11-3 instead of 10-5) fingers crossed pollen count is more manageable next week?


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