May. 16th, 2008 11:16 am
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dilemma: go to london sunday to see cobra starship? y/n?

i only just found out..

(i think i might have to, but i need someone to talk me into it..)
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not that i have any sound.
but i think i may now (at least right now) officially been let down too many times.
i feel like a multiple divorce child.
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an interview with me and my friend riikka from the finnish underground women's culture societies zine "HELLA JA NYRKKI" (trans. Stove and the Fist) on the subject of Riot Grrl from 1999, when i was 17 and riikka was 15 and had never ever been interviewed about anything.. and had just discovered riot grrl ourselves. please bare that in mind, kids.


god, we were so naive and kind of cute in our weird critic of the violence attached to riot grrl. i'm part embarrassed and part 'omg! i was kinda awesome!' with my 17 year old self.

and in other related things:

"Revolution Grrrl Style Now!" Bikini Kill

carl downloaded it for me and i uploaded it for y'all. the quality's quite bad though, recorded of tape thats been taped off a tape that's been taped off a tape. but yeah.

in other news, not much.
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OMG, techno chicks!!! - i was a teenage satan worshipper

that's all i wanted to say at this time.
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Efelide Efelide
Date: 20 Mar 2008, 17:03

Subject: No Subject

i've found your link in babyshambles' web site.. i really love your works!the oldies in particular are amazing,but also the newest are very good!
uhm.. nothing in particular.. i want to show you some love :D

a lot of good things for you
cheers from italy

(check her 'who i'd like to meet'. wtf/ftw)

i never realised i was linked at the 'shambles site. which is probably a bit slow. yep. but makes sense, since the fine miss jasmine made it back in the day. god, i'm so scene its not funny and i don't even try. fuck's sake.

that was all. & i need to stop going to staples to photocopy patches of zines every fucking day.

yep. that was well interesting. must go home and make a quiche. maybe pop in the art centre, they are relaunching today. there might be free something. and people i like and know. or not.
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i still maintain i make the most excellent pizza (i don't particularly want to cook anything else lately. what's wrong with me?) trying to figure out something to make tonight for me and the missus without having to buy much. yesterday i was only supposed to get some cheese for the pizza but somehow ended up with all sorts of things (salad, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, cheese, an amazing lemon tart?) today we are going to buy carl man jammies (because jammie pants help him sleep, apparently) and i think i'm supposed to make another 30 copies of your pretty face #2 for that massive order i mentioned yesterday. oh fun. tomorrow we are going to go see the benefits advising lady to shut carl's mum up.

yesterday we went jammie hunting (not buying) and charity shopping and i came home with 3 casette tapes of 90's excellence: "generation terrorists" by manic street preachers, "leisure" by blur and "leisure noise" by gay dad. when we walked into burton, a really strange remix of "apply some pressure" was playing. so strange i didn't recognise the song at first.

i had forgotten how much i love "friends of mine" by adam green. the new one.. we aren't sure. and it has hanson on track 6 which confuses me.

i've got a list of things to write about and list of things to type up and.. yeah. sometimes it's hard to actually get things like this done when you've got a boyfriend sitting next to you begging for cuddles every five minutes like a wee puppy. bless him, but gah! i'm getting nothing done. i really wish he did have somewhere to go during the day.

i've sort of misplaced my library card. pft. but i could do with a new one anyway.

i rang the tax people and they are officially useless. and i'm useless at arguing.

ps. kids, don't forget about the strike
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carl went into pdsa (charity shop) today while i was paying for my new frilly knickers at primark and he came back with a mint (record wise) limited post bag 12" of stay beautiful by them manic street preachers for 99p. omfg! i guess old habits die hard as i squeeked like a big fat fan girl and have made a semi plan of putting the big fuck off poster on my wall. it's got a rip in the corner and staple holes so it's not like i'm ruining anything.

(the picture's off ebay though..)

i always wanted stay beautiful in vinyl form.. and it is one of my favourites. it makes me drop down on my knees in smashed pints to play air guitar in a white dress and rita written on my neck in lipstick. something like that.

in other news, i almost got a commission to do some band in some towns with clash magazine today. oh well, maybe next time, he did say he'll keep me in mind. had i not been a domestic goddess most of yesterday (tidy tidy clean clean) i might have checked my email sometime after 4pm (when id received it) instead of 2pm today. but i'm not too gutted. as i said, maybe next time.

we's gonna watch death proof tonight. yaye.


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