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* i have just volunteered to go to northampton tomorrow and photograph ting tings for the clash magazine. i had received an email about them being desperate 2 hrs ago and i just emailed them after swearing at for being crap and not finding trains to places. northampton is tomorrow but its the only one that makes sense, and i wouldn't have to miss any work. i'm all jittery and panicky about both what if i get the job and what if i don't. DO I KNOW ANYONE IN NORTHAMPTON WHO COULD HOUSE ME FOR A NIGHT? i dont think i do.. i wonder if the label paying for travel includes hotel type things.. anyway. stop panicing.

* i got a parcel of rye bread and lonkero from ma this morn and on the way here i rang her and she told me that my cousin heidi is getting married on june 14th. obviously the nice thing to do would be to go to the wedding. she's one year younger than me and we always went to the same school and she's the only one of my cousins who's actually semi nice to me, the other ones didn't even really say hello at our grandmother's funeral. snotty bastards. and i was planning on going home in the summer so why not beginning of june. the thing is though it's a bit too soon (i was planning july/august) and my student loan interest is going the day after the wedding and i obviously haven't saved up anything for it yet. that's 300€. but yeah, i was just looking through ryan air flights and i found some semi suitable ones for £29.99 one way. which would with sneaky add ons be £250. yeah. we'll see.

* yeah i'm basicly just going WAAAAAAH about the northampton thing. not that it's probably gonna happen. but it would be kind of nice. scary, but nice.

* otherwise, not much. i was going to ring the doctor and go see him/her today but i don't really know. i've been suspecting a case of chest infection cos sometimes it hurts a bit to breath, like a stitch, except i don't have a fucking stitch, but now that i was actually going to go, it doesn't hurt. except on occasion if i really concentrate.

ps. buy earrings. & other things. x
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yesterday i bought that for 50p from shelter because i genuinely kinda love 'clumsy'. and 'fergalicious'. and 'london bridge' (because it's so dreadful) carl claims i fancy her. maybe only in that outfit. otherwise, not really.

i've got five holidays left that i have to use up in the next four weeks (which includes this week) oh dear. it's unlikely to happen isn't it? and lee's buggered off now, i was going to ask friday off since i'm going to dentist on thursday and they might do horrible things to my mouth. he just suggested adding them to my hours. nah, i want actual holiday day off not having to look at your ugly mug. ugh. twat.

i seem to be incredibly unorganised. it's not good. and suddenly i'm really scared. carl's gone home and i was fine with it until i went to bed. oh boo hoo. i'd give him a ring but i have no credit as usual.

yesterday i sat down and collaged some mix cd covers or something at about half eight and suddenly it was already eleven at night. oops. it was kind of nice, i should do it again today. the saddest thing is i can't find any of the pages i've made recently. stupid tidying. i blame tidying. tidying things into place i can't find the things in. woe.
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hi i make bags. and i finally made an etsy shop. buy something. pretty please? i'm dead skint again. and also i'll feel special and then maybe make some more. i know it's a bit last moment for christmas but i'm going to be superawesome and post any order right away the next day (or even the same.. i have some weird plan of taking all these things with me to work incase someone buys something for xmas) but not everything has to be presents, right? you can buy yourself a present for being a good girl / boy / gaylord all year, and even if you've been naughty, you can get one to make you feel better about it.
i also listed some zines and prints. yes, PRINTS. you love my photos right? anyway, i'm going to add more stuff later, there's some awesome earrings i've made that glow in the dark.

in other news, fuck me i'm not well. it's just a nasty case of lurgies, which would propably be getting better but tuesday will be the only day this week i haven't worked all fucking day at work. not because they're making me, but i needs cash and my services will be less needed between christmas and new year (no courier service) though to be honest cos i'm so fucking honest it probably won't make any difference because the council will just not pay me like no housing benefit cos i'll show them my payslips cos i don't like the idea of them catching me not telling them exactly what i get. fuckwits. i wish i hadn't said anything ever.

////// yeah, wrote all that thursday night i think yes. i was supposed to work all friday but was eventually sent home at about one. i was going to sort out the shop then but meh, and carl had the wireless for the studio and wasn't coming down until when ever so i was going to do it yesterday but i spent all day in bed in my new zebra jammies that are awesome and probably smell quite musky already because i havent really taken them off since i got home friday until about 2 hours ago when i went to tescos and came here. i'm a bit less ill now, might have some weird infection on my tongue though (except the swellings down now its not really been hurting since i came down) and my face is incredibly chapped. unfunny. we watched the new teenage mutant ninja turtles yesterday and wahey it was so made for nerds not kids because nothing was explained at all, they just expected us to know who everyone was. it made me think of my brother and i totes have to somehow get it to him with his presents. i really hope i dont have to do all day at work tomorrow as my services aren't particularly needed. sure, there's all the stuff that needs posting but that's only half day thing. rest of the day would be putting on new things but it's a bit pointless since hey everything needs to be sent my thursday (royal mail tomorrow) so yeah. and i need to send my ma and pas presents and pick up my brother's from the post office cos some git cannot knock (we were up and about when they posted the card. wankers) and wah.

anyway. should go, the boy's a bit grumpy about me running off. ps. i haven't been reading the list because i've been to busy and too fucking ill. wah.


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