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not that i have any sound.
but i think i may now (at least right now) officially been let down too many times.
i feel like a multiple divorce child.
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motoboy "beat heart (live in a bicycles tunnel in Malmö)"

i was going to eta this to previous post of videos but then realised it's too beautiful to get lost amongst other things. <\3

anyway, carl's back now and i had said i'd fix the bed and tidy. but i haven't. typical.
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lamont "rather do it"

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lamont "45 minutes"

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los campesinos! "international tweexcore underground"
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there is something about that song that is so so familiar, as if it's a cover of something i've known my whole life. maybe it's just me being incredibly nordic, that's what it makes me feel. incredibly nordic. i was watching bbc breakfast this morning and they showed people playing football in brighton while it was snowing. not fair. i want snow. oh imagine if i had silent shout in my headphones, walking around with the snow falling on to the black ground. fuck yeah. note to self: ask carl to make tape of silent shout / bring it with / make me a copy. i was listening to my honey is cool "crazy love" / the knife "the knife" cd before bed, and i was thinking "god i love karin dreijer's voice.

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in other news, this year i've been at work until i've done my days tasks instead of fixed nine to two or half five. and today i finished my duties at half past ten. pathetic. i'm still here though, doing things on my own time on the internets and waiting for all the emails be received, it's being incredibly slow, it's only as far as 60 out of 100+, and i did start at nine. not amused. i'm starting to get a bit bored, and it's all spam anyway, but incase there's something important. i think i'll give up at midday though and fuck off. take stuff to the post office, go home have lunch tidy up before carl comes down after dinner and something.


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