oh joy.

Feb. 27th, 2008 01:08 pm
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bad to worse. (still not saying what, because i don't want to)

in other 'great' news, i'm pretty sure i've got some gaping holes in the back of my lower front teeth, thus i've just finally booked myself a dentist appointment next thursday. scared. might have to ask mum if she's got some pennies to borrow me for dentist bill, which hopefully won't be too much. is it wrong that i want to ring the dentist again just to ask how much she thinks it might be?

ps. lori, i'm low on the credit, but i could do with a chat.. wanna give me a buzz later? x
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god, i hate today intensely. yesterday was bad enough, lugging all the crap from the wastin' my time studio into my flat (because they're getting kicked out, and they don't have a new place yet. it's all extremely fucked up) and carl being cranky as hell for that reason and wah. but today, fuck me, today.. work was ok i guess, but on the way to the studio to help carl with the last of the shite i went to check my bank balance cos my water bill's going out tomorrow. and wtf, i'm overdrawn by £9.40 or something. so i have a massive panicky spaff, as you would do at the thought of no moneys when you got bills to pay and how this country likes to charge you shitloads for going overdrawn when you don't have an overdraft. and then one of the carrier bags of carl's rubbish broke half way and i had a meltdown and carl threw all his birthday money at me (i borrowed £40) and stormed off and yaye. i walked to the bank while crying on the phone to mama, she's skint as fuck too, but until the end of the month, not thursday like yours truly. anyway this is where it gets a bit better (so far) i went to the bank and the lady said i won't get charged since i'm putting money in the day i went overdrawn (though i spent the money last night, who knows) which is good. but the cunts at emusic.com had charged me another £8.99 on valentine's day instead refunding me the previous £8.99. cunts. so that's why i'm in the library. i've just told them off. i was supposed get my hair cut by miss ellie from work at three today, but luckily i bumped into her just as i was sending her a text asking if she'd come at half past instead. so yeah, i'm giving her a ring once i leave this place (which is in a bit) and we'll meet up in town and then go cut hair off off off, via getting the ironing board from the studio..

also carl couldn't find the lovefilm dvd's at his house monday. and we've had them since like.. last wednesday. i want to watch the rest and get rid of them!

yeah, hopefully it's going to continue a bit better, or i'll break stuff. i've got two chicken breasts in the fridge that have to be eaten today. carl says he'll make us a nice chicken curry. i really need it to be nice, i might cry otherwise.

i need to do something ziney and useful tonight that's not housework related. might otherwise cry. again.
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i went to [info]oh_meow's yesterday. she made stir fry and noodles and i ate really fast because i was starving and we watched science of sleep, which is hard to watch while eating because there is some reading to be done (unless you understand french and spanish, which i don't) but it was glorious and confusing like when you have had a vivid dream that confuses you about what happened and what was a dream. and it was pretty. i cant find images that do justice on the google. boo you internets.

i was supposed to go see [livejournal.com profile] emofringe in the london town today but.. it's just one of those days. i was walking up to the station in the rain and wind, my panda shaped umbrella falling apart in the gusts not feeling terribly up to it when carl rang me pleading me to go back to the flat to look for his bank card cos he couldnt find it anywhere. i couldnt find it anywhere either. and i texted kasper my apologies and woe and sat back on the bed feeling sorry for myself. five minutes after giving up on everything carl texted me that he found the card behind the telly at his house. i have no idea how it got there, i dont think he does either.

i'm just incredibly unsociable today. i'm considering baking some muffins but i fear that might just go horribly horribly wrong and make me feel worse. i'm quite definitely just going to get a pizza from tesco on my way back and quite possibly burn it by accident (my oven is evil) i want something nice in my belly. and pizza is something that is always nice. i'm starting to think i should have just stayed at work today, none of this short day shit. and fixed the links to the rock hard fairies costumes and blah.

maybe tomorrow will be better. i've promised to take the norwegian laptop back the possession of bjorn. i might go need to go to allisons to do laundry, but i might just hand wash the work clothes and let that be it. carl's coming back and saturday morning [livejournal.com profile] _borntolose's going to be here and it'll be kitten galore with buffy drinking game and baking.

i guess it's time to go home by now, grab that pizza on the way and start tidying and cut and pasting. there's far too much to make zine from just not enough words.

un interesting.. )

ps. i feeel a bit like these )
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what is it, "tell tukru how shit she is" week? seriously. and i really don't need people telling me how to live my life. nice timing kids, poking a stick at a menstrual lady, it's worse than a bear shot in the arse (a finnish saying, that.) fuck the fuck off.

my hot water bottle is my new best friend. and carl substitute when he's not here. he was only just here for lunch and patting my head, and i miss him already. and when he goes home, only for like three days a week, he gets barraged with questions about when he's going to move out. it's like they're trying to get rid of him.. nice.

i had decided to stop worrying so much this year and this is how far i got. can i have more than a week and a bit when things are ok and semi stable? it's not too much to ask, is it?

there's a gang of emo kids who are always hanging about in the library when i go there. this makes me smile and giggle every time. emo kids. in the library. they're never reading though.


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