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oops. i woke up this morning and i thought i had the jib and i phoned in sick (i had to go to tescos to use the payphone because i had left mine at the studio and none of my neighbours were answering their doors) and voila, i'm actually just fine. oh well. it was only two hours missing from my 18 per week. i asked if i could just have them as holiday. i should have enough left.

and then i got bored. and i'm still bored. and there is a load of dishes to do because someone (carl) said wednesday night "i'll do them in the morning" and he had to get to the studio early yesterday morning. he was supposed to come back and do them before going home but.. obviously not. so i just bought myself a cheap pizza so no dishes were made and didn't touch them. i was rather pissed off with him last night, i'm just not going to have any "i'll do it in the morning" ever again. (way too overdramatic about dishes here, aye?)

i watched paha maa yesterday and even though it is the most depressing film ever with no redemption it seems, you should put it on your love film list if you have one because.. that's finland. except more depressing. we've got some good times too. honest.

i think i'll just go home and try to do something useful. go to shelter and see if they have chests of drawers. write. something.


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