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me and carl made panna cotta on sunday semi according to this recipe, except we made if for two and made strawberry compote (chopped strawberries and heated in a pan with some sugar and a bit of water until mush.)

though to be honest, i did most of the work. carl did some stirring and drained the gelatine.

we win at foodie. <3

in other news from last weekend:

we found a weave in the car park outside the trashy nightclubs in maidstone. class.

the best shaped dress ever i found at h&m but didn't buy cos i'm poor. i remember it being more amazing though. hello hour glass.

in other news right now: not much. carl went home last night and i had to watch the apprentice on my own. oh noes, not rafe. sigh. and it's official: i need two duvets hung over the curtains to not be woken up stupid early by the sun (i hate you)
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* julie said she'll take me to ikea when she's back from the caravan in devon or cornwall as long as i give her some petrol moneys. yay.
* i tried on a polkadot dress at primark and it's almost perfect (just almost because it doesn't have sleeves. i like sleeves and not shaving)
* there was a massive queue at the post office, i'll go and post loads of zines tomorrow to two addresses.
* i hate the effort/profit margin of the job but i'm sure i'd hate any other job more, just not on the effort/profit margin.
* i like my gay dad tape. i wish i had certain songs in mp3 format so i could share them.
* i just don't know what to say to some people, so i say nothing at all. nothing at all. i'm not ignoring you, i'm just.. crap.
* carl really really loves N*E*R*D which makes me love him a bit more.
* he also got me a naughty dvd decoder program which i haven't yet installed, but if it works i can finally screencap my moomin puppetry dvd. this excited me possibly too much. i can have puppet moomin icons. sad.
* i'm experimenting in my cooking tonight with some recipies i'm adjusting for a cooking zine i might do. i'm making a less effort / less marinading (maybe even veggie) version of runaway bay jamaican chicken. i made if for carl's birthday and apart from the fact that the marinade sort of burned on his mum's george foreman grill, it was beauticious. too bad i forgot that plantain carl got at asda at his house. oh well, it wasn't quite ripe enough anyway...
* why am i still here?


Mar. 22nd, 2008 11:48 am
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i am so bored. i'm going to go and wake carl up. i have no idea why this is a livejournal entry. i feel gross. stupid bottle of jamesons.
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1. i'm a grown up, i'm going to have credit card (i'm not sure this is a good idea.)

2. i've got dentist in a couple of hours, i'm scared

3. that's pretty much it.
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..nothing really. except:

1. new layout from knifecrime rejects i wish weren't rejects.

2. ellie's cutting carl's hair tonight.

3. i'm going to take bjorn back his laptop. & get £20 back off him, yaye money. at least i'm supposed to, but i'm feeling a bit lazy since sara who i was supposed to meet in the ucca library afterwards called and rescheduled for tomorrow in normal library. but i need to stop being such an avoidant lazy fucker.

4. i've got a real (desktop) computer that works. it's a bit slow cos it's old and it doesn't have a dvd drive or anything but that can be fixed later. and besides i've got an external one, hopefully that'll work by just plugging it in..

5. they've got nice cheap external hard drives i've got a voucher for in stock at staples. score.

6. i might dye my hair black and never look back tomorrow.

but that's all nothing, and a bit pointless.
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oops. i woke up this morning and i thought i had the jib and i phoned in sick (i had to go to tescos to use the payphone because i had left mine at the studio and none of my neighbours were answering their doors) and voila, i'm actually just fine. oh well. it was only two hours missing from my 18 per week. i asked if i could just have them as holiday. i should have enough left.

and then i got bored. and i'm still bored. and there is a load of dishes to do because someone (carl) said wednesday night "i'll do them in the morning" and he had to get to the studio early yesterday morning. he was supposed to come back and do them before going home but.. obviously not. so i just bought myself a cheap pizza so no dishes were made and didn't touch them. i was rather pissed off with him last night, i'm just not going to have any "i'll do it in the morning" ever again. (way too overdramatic about dishes here, aye?)

i watched paha maa yesterday and even though it is the most depressing film ever with no redemption it seems, you should put it on your love film list if you have one because.. that's finland. except more depressing. we've got some good times too. honest.

i think i'll just go home and try to do something useful. go to shelter and see if they have chests of drawers. write. something.
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no, i've still got all that fucking hair. it's not coming off until sunday or maybe worse, sometime next week now. if ellie can find her scissors. i don't want this hair waaah. carl's gone home and i'm sort of still at the studio because.. i don't know.

this entry will be pointless so i'll just cut it short here and go home and eat a curry because my yoghurt has its use by day tomorrow. i made a beat torture to do / poke people to do list at work but it's in my work trousers and i'm too lazy anyway. maybe i'll manage some form of fanzining. i made a cover for it the other day.

oh apathy, my only friend.

i went shopping with carl, and i semi fell in love with some shoes that i'm pretty sure i'd be silly to buy. but cream and black. 'sensible heels'. and carl bought some new jeans to make skinny for their bit at fashion week. you cant be scruffy at fashion week.
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i am so bored. i'm at carl's uncle's house, waiting for my washing to be done in the tumble drier. i've been here for about three hours already, helped auntie allison make a curry which wasn't eaten because she had to go to work, eaten too many pancakes, got obsessed with asda strawberry jam (it has absolutely no lumps!) and been soiled by callum the toddler. wahey. obviously, i have also made two loads of washing and i'm waiting for the second load to be done in the tumble drier.

i desperately need a hair cut, i can't actually comb my hair properly and wah it's horrid and too long. i could be a fucking mermaid, almost. luckily i've talked one of the girls from work into cutting it, and she used to do hairdressing in college so.. it's not like i'm looking for a really complicated haircut. i just need to find a picture for her to work on.

possible haircuts:

but obviously a bit shorter. otherwise i'll need another haircut right away..

they are basically the same haircut though, aren't they?

though to be honest, i'd like this hair, but i just don't have the patience for long hair anymore.... )

good hair = very important for a girls' mental health.

ps. what do you think?
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i am so bored. and i have nothing nothing nothing to say. but yet i'm making an entry. it seems i might have a bit of a social life this week, it all comes at once, but i shant complain. i was going to get ellie from work to cut my hair this week (she offered cos she did hairdressing at college) but woe i'm too busy. who would have though. carl's been staying with me for over a week now, he's been supposed to go home since sunday but it's sort of not happening. tomorrow though. i'm not really getting anything done (but would i get anything done if he wasn't here? probably not)

it looks like by the end of the week (or just plain old next week) i will indeed have a five year old imac in my possession. i'm a bit sad that it isn't the one i always used to use in the little internet bit at college, it's the one next to it. i only know this cos it has a "1" sticker on it, and i was always on "2". i think. i went to take old michael caine (my old laptop of the pc variety, that is very dead. apparently £140 + VAT to fix. ;;;____; i'm ok with his death, he did after all die a year and a half ago..)'s external cdr/dvd drive to bjorn at college to see if it'd work and make formatting and reinstalling everything easier. and it did work. eventually. so yaye. i've promised to give his old laptop back this week, and i'm going to. because i said i would. (i do hope he's in on friday..)

i went to carl's auntie's and uncle's on sunday to do my washing because lis' machine broke and i had no clean working trousers. i think that's going to be where i do my washing from now on because they've got a tumble dryer! and everything takes ages to dry in my flat (seriously, at least two days..) i do have to stay there for two hours every time though, one hour for the washing machine, the second for the dryer, and be bothered by a very hyper seven year old. i spent most of the two hours being hit with a balloon, or trying to cath and throw one. wahey.

yep. nothing to say.
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just out on a quick one as i've promised i'd only be an hour and i've got ten minutes until i have to go not to be over an hour. the boy has burned his bottom on the hot water bottle and needs to be nursed. and i need to knit a hot water bottle so no more injuries are acquired.

we didnt go see art brut last night because £12 was just too much and we weren't in the mood and instead went to asda with carl's ma and pa and spent £40 on healthy food, with exception ofa bottle of vodka and some sweeties and erm crisps, but mostly it was things like spinach and lettuce and carrots and leek and dried chickpeas. and carl made sexy roast chicken filled with lemony ricotta cheese. yum yum i say.

lori was supposed to come for a visit tomorrow but bah world is naughty and things get in the way but she's coming next weekend instead. i just need to change my days off, which shouldn't be a problem. i was going to tell the boss when i left yesterday when i'd just received the email but he was off upstairs in the store room doing something so.. monday it is then.

it's quite possible that next week i will either a) have no form of computer to myself or b) i've got an ancient mac that with a broken cd drive. you have to live with what you're given i guess.

ps. can someone with a paid account make syndicated feed of knifecrime update blog please? is the feed url.

pps. there were some minor, mainly superficial updates on knifecrime just now / yesterday. x
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- today i finished work at 10am. that's an hour of hard labour. pathetic. i'm far too efficient, obviously.

- i finally printed some pictures for something i've been writing for beat torture and could i find the envelope i put all the pages i'd finished already? no. see this is what always happens, i put things in one place to, you know, not lose them, and i can't find that one place the next day. fuckwit. maybe today. luckily i've not completely lost anything, it's all on computers somewhere, in some sense. not as the same versions, but still. i'm sure it'll turn up....

- i threw the remote to carl last night, and it bounced off his knees into his tea. i didn't know he had a drink! the backwards button sort of turned into the subtitles button and i had to watch torchwood with subtitles. they even had the lyrics to song 2.

- lol torchwood. seriously. i thought i was watching a fic. not that i've read any torchwood/doctor who fic, but ha ha. captain jack = a slutty manwhore. it's not right when i go 'lol they is gonna kiss' at carl and they fucking do. not right. i feel dirty (but i love it)

- i need furniture, like really bad. this is a fact.

- carl's going home today. he was supposed to go yesterday but umm.. he was going to go to the studio real early and collage all day but he couldn't find his keys anywhere. they were in my coat pocket. wah. so he's doing that today. i assume he's either still in bed, doing the washing up (he made the most amazing 'italian style' cottage pie ever last night, though to be honest it was my first ever cottage pie. but nevertheless it was awesome.) or he's actually found his keys as my phone hasn't rung yet. he said something about not coming down again for the weekend.. i'm going to miss him. and be incredibly bored.

- i really really loved death proof. omg so awesome. especially the end. who would have thought a 18minute car duel would be that good? i also love my new silky undies. sexay.

- god, why am i still here? i accidently ended up doing some work just now, people being idiots when it comes to deliveries. dimwits. i'm off to pay my rent and other adult things.
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[Error: unknown template video]
motoboy "beat heart (live in a bicycles tunnel in Malmö)"

i was going to eta this to previous post of videos but then realised it's too beautiful to get lost amongst other things. <\3

anyway, carl's back now and i had said i'd fix the bed and tidy. but i haven't. typical.


Jan. 2nd, 2008 12:57 pm
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and in not photographic news, there isn't none really. i'm back at work, and i'm working on not worrying so much. it just gives me heart burn. i'm going to go pay my rent and then go home and have nice pasta bake carl winged last night. then he's going to go home and i'll be all alone with my halogen heater and piles of fanzine. and i'm fine. really. i'll make a real proper entry when i get the chance.


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