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i OFFICIALLY really really hate the Medway Council. i got a letter from my housing association about rent arrears today despite having paid my share of the rent every week (and a bit extra) and i just went to see them and it turns out the council hasn't paid enough housing benefit for OVER TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE. i went to see them straight afterwards and it turns out they close at 4.45 on fridays, and they closed the door on my face. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU and since they moved to their fancy big new building, they're not open on a saturday. fucking wanker fuck faces. but i guess this means i don't have to be worried about this too much? right. since they've fucked up, they're going have to fix it, right? 

in other news, i'm going to a party in a hotel at seven (i don't want to miss the "some free drinks". i bet if we go later, it'll be one of those first come first serve deals.) and i still have to have a bath. it's five, and the water takes an hour and i still need to buy shampoo & conditioner (i still have a bit of shampoo but no conditioner left). i'd ring carl and tell him to put the water on but i forgot my phone and the free text things on internet are not working. I HATE EVERYTHING. i even had a nap while carl went to the bank and to the shop to buy cream and deodorant. (he made roasted garlic and potato soup that's really nice..) 

i really wish i had enough money not to be on benefits. like i didn't have enough problems already.


Apr. 30th, 2008 04:20 pm
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woe is me. its such a bad day. bad beginning of the week. i just hope it will get better. (i don't want to talk about it.

i'm downloading all the contents of onto carl's laptop that's now working except backspace & ctrl don't work and several letters have to be pressed very very hard. which is making typing very very slow. woe. oh well, at least it's turning on semi normally now.. i'm going to be changing hosts and i'm scared i'll lose all the content in the process (probably not but better safe than sorry) not that my old host has emailed me back about it (no one emails me back.)

oh hey me melodramatic. i've got hormonal distress to the max and it's so much worse than usually. i'm not usually in this crazy bitch mode. i'm like a farce of a female. like i'm in a 'hilarious' bad sitcom.

i have to come up with (at least) £260 for my student loan interest by 15th june. this worries me fucking alot. that's £43 i need to put aside a week. mum said they might be able to help a bit if i can't get it all together, but obvs i'd pay them back. fuck.

in other news i've been ditching hollyoaks for enders lately. this may or may not be due to tortured gay denial story lines. (my favourite kind.) and carl's just finished his first day at oxfam, i expect. i need to assemble some zines. and my headphones have died after a month of use. and bitch at argos didn't give me a receipt when i returned the first pair that didnt work at all so obvs i can't exchange. woe woe woe. woe.
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i just ran like the wind to the post office at 20 past five to post my application. it's all filled and in the post and according to the slightly sour lady behind the plexi glass should be there for friday. go me! by the skint of teeth but still. and now it hurts to breathe.

i think that's it. off to staples to photocopy some book and then.. something. buy some food. and they're chucking us all out of the library anyway.
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hey kids, i needs your help. i've got a rather important job application to fill in and i really don't know whether my "statement" or whatever bit is any good. could you please read it and tell me if its any good and suggest any changes at all? (i'm looking at you, [ profile] msdaccxx & [ profile] tartpants here, cos i knows you know at least something about these things, right?)

more more more )

i need your help ASAP cos the application needs to be returned by FRIDAY. and i rather send it out tomorrow after work than shit myself thursday morning. thank you in advance!

and in other news, i'm being all stupid especially today because i'm stressing about that stupid application and thus been really fucking annoying at carl. and now i'm in the library with the laptop on my own with his hairdye i bought on my way here. and i should probs go back home asap because i've been here for almost two hours. oops.
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Give me something I can make a top five list out of. Anything at all: top five favorite socks, top five favorite smells, or anything you want to know my top five of. The answers will be in my next post.

amuse me, and i'll maybe actually make lists. while bored at work pretending to do things while everything freezes. (i'm learning to be less efficient)

we went to lis' sunday afternoon around four for a supposedly brief visit and ended up looking at the clock accidently sometime past seven and going huh? and went home to make excellent vegetable pilaff we stole a recipe for from asda magazine. we had some coffee / tea at lis' and bitched about how life is shit and told rob he should start an acoustic pub cover band because people love acoustic covers of songs (think newton faulkner..) it was all very nice and i think there's a semi plan of us going there for boozing during the weekend again. i told them to come with to the indelicates on friday but we'll see.

julie's supposed to come down for dinner on thursday. this makes me a bit happy.

carl's just got his working tax credit decision, and some money too (says letter) we're going to go see the benefits helping lady on wednesday, and start figuring out the money and benefits and paper work side of him moving in. beginning of may i say, beginning of may. i've been internet shopping for a real bed on the ikea website (he likes this, i slightly prefer this) but that's internet window shopping, really.

i've got an application form for a real job in my pocket. i don't think i'll get it, but i shall try anyway.
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god, i hate today intensely. yesterday was bad enough, lugging all the crap from the wastin' my time studio into my flat (because they're getting kicked out, and they don't have a new place yet. it's all extremely fucked up) and carl being cranky as hell for that reason and wah. but today, fuck me, today.. work was ok i guess, but on the way to the studio to help carl with the last of the shite i went to check my bank balance cos my water bill's going out tomorrow. and wtf, i'm overdrawn by £9.40 or something. so i have a massive panicky spaff, as you would do at the thought of no moneys when you got bills to pay and how this country likes to charge you shitloads for going overdrawn when you don't have an overdraft. and then one of the carrier bags of carl's rubbish broke half way and i had a meltdown and carl threw all his birthday money at me (i borrowed £40) and stormed off and yaye. i walked to the bank while crying on the phone to mama, she's skint as fuck too, but until the end of the month, not thursday like yours truly. anyway this is where it gets a bit better (so far) i went to the bank and the lady said i won't get charged since i'm putting money in the day i went overdrawn (though i spent the money last night, who knows) which is good. but the cunts at had charged me another £8.99 on valentine's day instead refunding me the previous £8.99. cunts. so that's why i'm in the library. i've just told them off. i was supposed get my hair cut by miss ellie from work at three today, but luckily i bumped into her just as i was sending her a text asking if she'd come at half past instead. so yeah, i'm giving her a ring once i leave this place (which is in a bit) and we'll meet up in town and then go cut hair off off off, via getting the ironing board from the studio..

also carl couldn't find the lovefilm dvd's at his house monday. and we've had them since like.. last wednesday. i want to watch the rest and get rid of them!

yeah, hopefully it's going to continue a bit better, or i'll break stuff. i've got two chicken breasts in the fridge that have to be eaten today. carl says he'll make us a nice chicken curry. i really need it to be nice, i might cry otherwise.

i need to do something ziney and useful tonight that's not housework related. might otherwise cry. again.
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- wahey! i've got a silly amount of zines coming in sometime soon. hooray for spending all your distro credit in two distros at the same time.

- i've got £10 in the bank. which is bad. but i'm gonna get paid thursday and i've still got £5.53 electrity left , and about £6 in my purse and i haven't spent a penny since i walked out of staples friday night with 20 more copies of your pretty face to fold and staple and a packet of bright pink staples. and i transfered £30 of paypal balance into real money, which probs wont be real money til next monday but who cares. and carl's promised he'll chip in on foods and leccy. and there is a cupboard full of tinned tomatoes and pasta and rice and stuff. and the housing benefits gone up, i got a letter saturday! yeah, i'll be ok.

- art brut tickets on friday at the tap are £12. fuck off.

- i have semi plans for carl's birthday presents, but shhh.

- i have an envelope of 8 pages of beat torture ready. we're getting there, getting there. now if i managed to get my head out of my arse and write some your pretty face is going straight to hell #3, that'd be great. i feel it might be a very personal issue, i don't know if i should some of the things i've got ready...

- i'm seeing julie after work tomorrow at the college library. and christmas pressies will be exchanged. she sounded dead excited about what she'd got me on the phone.

- lori should be coming down for visits this weekend, yaye! and i'm going to actually have real holiday days of in her honour. kitten thymmes!

- there's a man librarian who looks exactly like colin meloy of decemberists. it makes me giggle.

- i haven't seen the emo kids who hang out in the library hang out in the library in ages. boo.
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what is it, "tell tukru how shit she is" week? seriously. and i really don't need people telling me how to live my life. nice timing kids, poking a stick at a menstrual lady, it's worse than a bear shot in the arse (a finnish saying, that.) fuck the fuck off.

my hot water bottle is my new best friend. and carl substitute when he's not here. he was only just here for lunch and patting my head, and i miss him already. and when he goes home, only for like three days a week, he gets barraged with questions about when he's going to move out. it's like they're trying to get rid of him.. nice.

i had decided to stop worrying so much this year and this is how far i got. can i have more than a week and a bit when things are ok and semi stable? it's not too much to ask, is it?

there's a gang of emo kids who are always hanging about in the library when i go there. this makes me smile and giggle every time. emo kids. in the library. they're never reading though.
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rocking around the christmas tree.. )

i bought a christmas tree the other day and after having some soup to cure our ills we assembled it and decorated it. it's still missing fairy lights, but im sure i'll find some in the poundshop. (all the ones in tesco had a ridiculous amount of lights for a wee 4ft tree.)

as you may have noticed, i've unlocked the pandora's box this journal. from now on. not that anything exciting ever happens, or i ever make entries. too busy and internetless these days.

in real life news, the council are mean fuckwits and have made me go £100 or so in rent arrears thanks to a reduction in my housing benefit wahey. but luckily mhs homes are very nice and understanding and beautiful people and i can pay bit my bit. and i'm being dragged to a dinner out tonight by photomeat so i can pay everyone what i owe. i'm going, but only to pay my dues, then i'm fucking off home. i don't think the restaurant would like me just sitting there ordering nothing. that lady at the chinese place back home was displeased enough by my order of spring rolls and rice.. also, i won't have time to make food before hand, do i really want to sit there and watch everyone scoff up lovely thai yum yums? hell no. shame, really. i was going to get everyone wee christmas presents but i haven't had the chance and don't seem to have the cash either now. boo.

anyway, should go and update carl on my visit to the very nice benefits adviser and then go home home home to change change change. oh and get some money out on my way..


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