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"Pearls!" burst out the Snork maiden excitedly. "Could ankle-rings be made out of pearls?"
"I should think they
could," said Moomintroll. "Ankle-rings and nose-rings and ear-rings and engagement rings...."
"That's a question for later," the Snork cut in, thumping furiously with his pencil. **
"not if they are made of pearls," said the Snork maiden. "Now you've broken the point of your pencil again. Doesn't anybody want to eat this evening?"

from "Comet in Moominland" by Tove Jansson

- - -

<3 <33 <3 i love my moomin books from the library that hadn't been touched by civillians / borrowed in ten plus years until me. i think i might start collecting vintage moomin books.. they so pretty.

i don't have much to say. this midmorning after spending all of last night (and this morning, i woke up at 9am. WTF) flicking through channels and moaning at my own incapapilities (all in my head) i started writing again (26 pages so far... and i haven't even proof written one of the 'stories' i had..) i should propably work on the cooking one too.. it's just writing the recipies down..

oven baking falafel didn't really work out. it all just fell to bits. i guess deep frying is the only way. and there were no value big packets of flour at tescos so i didn't bake my precious muffins. actually there's still one left from last week's patch. mmmh. muffins. actually, i might just make them tomorrow when carl comes back. and make some 1Up cakes. or power up cakes (red) because we're super awesome. but nowhere near as awesome as this.

i managed to scavenge a roll up worth tobacco from bag carl had abandoned in the smoking box. yaye.
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i am so bored. and i have nothing nothing nothing to say. but yet i'm making an entry. it seems i might have a bit of a social life this week, it all comes at once, but i shant complain. i was going to get ellie from work to cut my hair this week (she offered cos she did hairdressing at college) but woe i'm too busy. who would have though. carl's been staying with me for over a week now, he's been supposed to go home since sunday but it's sort of not happening. tomorrow though. i'm not really getting anything done (but would i get anything done if he wasn't here? probably not)

it looks like by the end of the week (or just plain old next week) i will indeed have a five year old imac in my possession. i'm a bit sad that it isn't the one i always used to use in the little internet bit at college, it's the one next to it. i only know this cos it has a "1" sticker on it, and i was always on "2". i think. i went to take old michael caine (my old laptop of the pc variety, that is very dead. apparently £140 + VAT to fix. ;;;____; i'm ok with his death, he did after all die a year and a half ago..)'s external cdr/dvd drive to bjorn at college to see if it'd work and make formatting and reinstalling everything easier. and it did work. eventually. so yaye. i've promised to give his old laptop back this week, and i'm going to. because i said i would. (i do hope he's in on friday..)

i went to carl's auntie's and uncle's on sunday to do my washing because lis' machine broke and i had no clean working trousers. i think that's going to be where i do my washing from now on because they've got a tumble dryer! and everything takes ages to dry in my flat (seriously, at least two days..) i do have to stay there for two hours every time though, one hour for the washing machine, the second for the dryer, and be bothered by a very hyper seven year old. i spent most of the two hours being hit with a balloon, or trying to cath and throw one. wahey.

yep. nothing to say.


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