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yesterday morning i was rudely awakened by the door buzzer and knocking on my window at 5.18am by the kent police. wahey. crazy lady from upstairs said one of the crackwhores had tried to stab someone. i don't know. blissfully oblivious or something. i discovered then that the bedroom curtains are far too light and i can't get back to sleep after my daily randomly waking up for no reason sometime between 5 and 6. i probably hadn't realised it before because i had had carl to cuddle (except during the weekend..)

i'm at the library on one of those horrendously ancient computers where google chat doesn't work and it keeps not loading pictures in my friends list.

carl's coming back tonight after dinner and it makes me happy because i have a reason to make actual nice food. when it's just me, it doesn't really matter if it's dead nice.

i finally managed to add some zines from my box onto my etsy shop. i've currently got 4 COPIES of your pretty face is going straight to hell #3 left and i'm going make some more when i've sold those. (hint) i also put some yes darling but is it art?'s on there because i have a few extra left still. x
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& i also have new shoes. fifteen english pounds i propably didn't really have to spread around like that. but they were on the sale, and i'd been eyeing them up since they first appeared on a shelf at the new look in the pentagon. i love them lots, with their sensible heels i think i can actually walk in without looking like an akward giraffe. i haven't test driven them outside yet (i bought them yesterday) because i keep thinking 'what if i realise i can't afford them and must return them' because obviously they don't take shoes that have been worn outdoors back. i'm such a dimwit sometimes. but i feel guilty for the shoes. though i guess at least they are not an impulse buy. but they so pretty. i've got similar brown ones from primark hiding somewhere that i bought ages on a semi whim and can't walk in them (yet) because they have the standard proper high heel.


the weather's lovely and warm (i don't really want it much warmer though, as i like wearing clothes) but sadly it means the crackheads etc have gone mental and i've got a load of them next door. i spoke to the old lady from upstairs and she was telling me all sorts of stuff that i won't repeat because it's not reaally that interesting. but i've decided i should complain to the housing officer too, maybe something will be done then (enough people moaning, not because i moaned..) but then again, i'm still not entirely sure what the hell is going on. all i know there's people coming in and out all times of the day who obviously do not live there. and shouting. i don't really mind _that much_, but out of solidarity i guess.

i haven't had post for weeks on end, seems like months (but then again the zine symposium feels like a month away at least and i think it's only been 2 weeks now) other than some uninteresting ones from my landlord saying someone's coming to fix the shed (wahey) but today i got a letter from the council (more housing benefit! win!) and a lovely letter from [ profile] photogirl which i have in my bag to read while walking since i finished my book this morning ("girl interrupted" by susanne kaysen. really liked it) and my headphones are still broken and i haven't bought new ones. i could go to argos today but i've decided that i'm not buying ANYTHING until i've run out of food and the fridge is stupidly full. i hope my bean and lentil loaf is still ok...(somehow i doubt it a bit.)

carl went home yesterday and he's not back until sometime sunday. oh well, maybe i'll get some things done. work on your pretty face #4 (i already have things, they just need to be typed up / written down prettily / be found...)

one more thing: when i was walking to the library, a man drove past me in a car and took a swig out of a large bottle that i'm 99.9% sure was whisky or other whisky coloured alcoholic beverage. isn't that just brilliant? i can't decide whether to laugh or cry about that. oh medway. ilu.

i'm off then. i've still got that reasonable pile of zines to assemble and staple that i've had since the monday after zine symposium, i just haven't had the something to actually make them, until now (i hope)

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we went to riikka's birthday last night. when we got there the only people there were riikka, kristian and erno, but soon after people started rolling in and i ended up being rather drunk and talking to a lot of people, favourites consisting of:

- a boy who's from my brother's year back in school school and i once sang the ussr national anthem on a grassy bit in the middle of karis during one faithful karjaan yö i actually went out. small world, aye?

- james aka shiny shoes aka moustache man. he looks incredibly hoxton twat but was very nice. and had shiny shoes. (i want to be his friend but i'm not sure i'm allowed since he lives with jay's ex girlfriends best friends or something. wahey. one of whom told me that she generally describes me as a mixture between björk and billy corgan. i understand the björk (i've heard it a billion times before, maybe its a nordic weirdo thing..) but billy corgan? can any of you see it? she said it makes sense to people, usually. i also do wonder why she needs to describe me to people, i think i've met her twice before. when she came to the halloween party with hannah (jay's ex) and.. err. she was at the private view but i didn't talk to her....)

- louise. she not a stranger but she said i looked like i'd lost weight. which was nice.

i would've stayed out longer but carl was tired and then on the way home in the chip shop it turned out i was off my face as i couldn't stand still. go me. i have some drunken idiot shame.

this morning there was lots of police around and i think the dealer next door was arrested. or something. someone was.

having lovely roasted veg and spicy bean and lentil loaf tonight and watching silly films. there's a bottle of tequila and carl wants us to get drunk again, but my liver's not happy even though i'm allowed to do it in my jammies.
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i OFFICIALLY really really hate the Medway Council. i got a letter from my housing association about rent arrears today despite having paid my share of the rent every week (and a bit extra) and i just went to see them and it turns out the council hasn't paid enough housing benefit for OVER TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE. i went to see them straight afterwards and it turns out they close at 4.45 on fridays, and they closed the door on my face. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU and since they moved to their fancy big new building, they're not open on a saturday. fucking wanker fuck faces. but i guess this means i don't have to be worried about this too much? right. since they've fucked up, they're going have to fix it, right? 

in other news, i'm going to a party in a hotel at seven (i don't want to miss the "some free drinks". i bet if we go later, it'll be one of those first come first serve deals.) and i still have to have a bath. it's five, and the water takes an hour and i still need to buy shampoo & conditioner (i still have a bit of shampoo but no conditioner left). i'd ring carl and tell him to put the water on but i forgot my phone and the free text things on internet are not working. I HATE EVERYTHING. i even had a nap while carl went to the bank and to the shop to buy cream and deodorant. (he made roasted garlic and potato soup that's really nice..) 

i really wish i had enough money not to be on benefits. like i didn't have enough problems already.
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i've made myself a new layout but it's all wonky (but no terribly) and i can't be arsed to fix. i guess you need to work on such things while on internets and as you know, I DONT HAVE INTERNETS. oh me, so deprived.

other things:

1. i put down the prices on my etsy shop, was $30, now $20! buy things pls.

carl's going to set up his own next week to get rid off some old stock / samples that are cluttering up my living room. there's apparently a big suitcase of them at jay's parents too.. it's not even funny how much there is. and they're gonna sell them for a tenner. that £10 / $20 / €15. a bargain. look out for that y'all.

2. i had a super short day yesterday (1 hour!) and me and carl spent the whole day tidying the flat (well, i went out two times, first to get missing part of clothes rail from the art centre and then to get my keys that i had forgotten at work and to pay my rent (except i forgot my bag at the flat) and to take two bags of clothes to charity shops and one bag of empty bottles to recycling.) and now it's like proper proper tidy and doesn't seem like somewhere i live. but its nice. carl said if there's a hair out of place, he's never going to move in. and i haven't (yet) managed to spoil it. but there's still over five hours before he comes back (he went home last night) i was supposed to tidy the kitchen cupboard (the last thing) but it was too cold and nngh last night, and i dont know. we'll see if i manage it. i guess i could, while listening to harry potter and the chamber of secrets (i finished philosopher's stone this morning while making helmivelli for breakfast.

3. while tidying i decided to get rid of some clothes that i don't wear / fit into anymore and i took that two bags of them to shelter but there's a few things i think deserve a proper proper home. and i'll post them here sometime next week cos i didnt get the chance to describe them proper last night or measure them. these are some / all of them, let me know if you're interested. i'm open to offers. ) i'll make a proper selling entry next week.

4. carl's hair is serious business. give us your opinion, thank you please.

i'm going to go and pay my rent and buy an aliceband and try on trousers i won't buy at new look. and then have a look at that kitchen cupboard.
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there is something about that song that is so so familiar, as if it's a cover of something i've known my whole life. maybe it's just me being incredibly nordic, that's what it makes me feel. incredibly nordic. i was watching bbc breakfast this morning and they showed people playing football in brighton while it was snowing. not fair. i want snow. oh imagine if i had silent shout in my headphones, walking around with the snow falling on to the black ground. fuck yeah. note to self: ask carl to make tape of silent shout / bring it with / make me a copy. i was listening to my honey is cool "crazy love" / the knife "the knife" cd before bed, and i was thinking "god i love karin dreijer's voice.

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in other news, this year i've been at work until i've done my days tasks instead of fixed nine to two or half five. and today i finished my duties at half past ten. pathetic. i'm still here though, doing things on my own time on the internets and waiting for all the emails be received, it's being incredibly slow, it's only as far as 60 out of 100+, and i did start at nine. not amused. i'm starting to get a bit bored, and it's all spam anyway, but incase there's something important. i think i'll give up at midday though and fuck off. take stuff to the post office, go home have lunch tidy up before carl comes down after dinner and something.
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rocking around the christmas tree.. )

i bought a christmas tree the other day and after having some soup to cure our ills we assembled it and decorated it. it's still missing fairy lights, but im sure i'll find some in the poundshop. (all the ones in tesco had a ridiculous amount of lights for a wee 4ft tree.)

as you may have noticed, i've unlocked the pandora's box this journal. from now on. not that anything exciting ever happens, or i ever make entries. too busy and internetless these days.

in real life news, the council are mean fuckwits and have made me go £100 or so in rent arrears thanks to a reduction in my housing benefit wahey. but luckily mhs homes are very nice and understanding and beautiful people and i can pay bit my bit. and i'm being dragged to a dinner out tonight by photomeat so i can pay everyone what i owe. i'm going, but only to pay my dues, then i'm fucking off home. i don't think the restaurant would like me just sitting there ordering nothing. that lady at the chinese place back home was displeased enough by my order of spring rolls and rice.. also, i won't have time to make food before hand, do i really want to sit there and watch everyone scoff up lovely thai yum yums? hell no. shame, really. i was going to get everyone wee christmas presents but i haven't had the chance and don't seem to have the cash either now. boo.

anyway, should go and update carl on my visit to the very nice benefits adviser and then go home home home to change change change. oh and get some money out on my way..


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