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julie drove me and carl to ikea and bought lots of stuff. )

and afterwards i had a big fat spaff because i thought i'd gone into minus. but i checked my balance both last night (i couldn't believe my eyes) and this morning and i'd been a massive spanner and thought i'd had £100 in my account instead of £200. oops. which makes me a bit gutted cos i had left a few lovely things i quite wanted because of my fear of the bank balance of doom. in particular, this lamp:

i also now that i've put most of the plastic tubs into use that i should have bought more of them. another two packets perhaps, as there's only one big one and couple of time ones left empty. and the brown paper boxes. i put all my tights in one and pants and socks in another. and drew what's what on the lid. and i've realised that bygel the cutlery drainer is a bit crap and of bad design, and i had to wrap it in cling film to keep the cutlery from slipping out of the drainer.

we lumbered all the stuff in the back of the car and went back in and had a wee fika. free tea and coffee with my ikea family card and i got me a good old nordic cinnamon roll that was a bit stale but AMAZING. man, i miss cinnamon buns. i need to bake some korvapuusti soon, hopefully this time it won't go as rubbish as last time. i even had my free re-fill, julie was too slow with her tea and carl's had flared his toothache to the max. me and carl forgot our brilliant sandwiches in the car after unloading all the things in the flat and carl's drugs and the bottle of water. and i didn't even have any of the bacon baguettes. which made me rather sad last night when i still thought i was skint to the max.

today i got up early with carl and went out to check the pennies and talk to mhs about the bad stuff and came back and sorted out my kitchen cupboards while listening to harry potter and the half blood prince.

four random rubbish pictures from around the flat )
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ikea shopping list.. )


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