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oh poo. typical, yes. i brought the laptop to the library to use it on the internets and after being fine and dandy for a week, it decides to go bonkers again. fuck you man, fuck you. i'd ok with that but last night when i was at carl's i burned 'the deathly hallows' audio book with monsieur fry on a dvd avec series two of QI to keep me company while carl's at home and now i have NOTHING to work it on cos obvs the laptop is f-ed up and well, we took the proper but old computer up to carl's house to be pimped by craig. wah. oh. fucking. well.

tonight i'm going to do at least one of the following cooking related things;

a) make awesome ovenbaked falafel.(and see if that'll work better than shallowfrying. it should!)
b) make awesome muffins. (normal & white chocolate chip. and white chocolate & blueberry! <3)

my scales broke the other day while making awesome muffins. it just collapsed when i got it out for measuring the sugar.

and things to do on the non-kitchen based front:
* zines, zines, zines
* see if i can get the damn laptop to co-operate.
* umm.. that's all. i've got a mixed berry swedish cider in my fridge! that brings me joy. i contemplating buying a bag of baccy to have a nice wee ciggie on the balcony with cider in my hand...... temptation.


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