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flipping through cooking blogs.
(work in process)









































& baking etc:












ICE CREAM CUPCAKES (if only i had a proper freezer!)





speaking of my kitchen, i kind of want THIS for my birthday quite a lot (especially since my old one collapsed. though a digital one would be better, but hey. pretty!) or this
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i made Super Mushroom / PowerUp muffins last night!
(the milky bar buttons got a bit skanky by the food colouring while in a wee food bag in my bag. poop. i figured it was easier to bring the cakes to work rather than take a picture at home and bring the camera. the laptop's still fucked and the desktop is at carl's house supposedly being pimped..)

carl said that was probably the most emo / nerdiest thing we've ever baked.

in other news, i think i've almost finished your pretty face issue four by accident. i've already got 33 pages and that's without intro or recipies or any of my silly frills that are usually almost 10 pages. oops. how the fuck did me being prolific happen? (oh yeah, cos i had all that semi written down in a computer already.....)

that reminds me, i need to go to staples and make more flyers to shove in orders.
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"Pearls!" burst out the Snork maiden excitedly. "Could ankle-rings be made out of pearls?"
"I should think they
could," said Moomintroll. "Ankle-rings and nose-rings and ear-rings and engagement rings...."
"That's a question for later," the Snork cut in, thumping furiously with his pencil. **
"not if they are made of pearls," said the Snork maiden. "Now you've broken the point of your pencil again. Doesn't anybody want to eat this evening?"

from "Comet in Moominland" by Tove Jansson

- - -

<3 <33 <3 i love my moomin books from the library that hadn't been touched by civillians / borrowed in ten plus years until me. i think i might start collecting vintage moomin books.. they so pretty.

i don't have much to say. this midmorning after spending all of last night (and this morning, i woke up at 9am. WTF) flicking through channels and moaning at my own incapapilities (all in my head) i started writing again (26 pages so far... and i haven't even proof written one of the 'stories' i had..) i should propably work on the cooking one too.. it's just writing the recipies down..

oven baking falafel didn't really work out. it all just fell to bits. i guess deep frying is the only way. and there were no value big packets of flour at tescos so i didn't bake my precious muffins. actually there's still one left from last week's patch. mmmh. muffins. actually, i might just make them tomorrow when carl comes back. and make some 1Up cakes. or power up cakes (red) because we're super awesome. but nowhere near as awesome as this.

i managed to scavenge a roll up worth tobacco from bag carl had abandoned in the smoking box. yaye.
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oh poo. typical, yes. i brought the laptop to the library to use it on the internets and after being fine and dandy for a week, it decides to go bonkers again. fuck you man, fuck you. i'd ok with that but last night when i was at carl's i burned 'the deathly hallows' audio book with monsieur fry on a dvd avec series two of QI to keep me company while carl's at home and now i have NOTHING to work it on cos obvs the laptop is f-ed up and well, we took the proper but old computer up to carl's house to be pimped by craig. wah. oh. fucking. well.

tonight i'm going to do at least one of the following cooking related things;

a) make awesome ovenbaked falafel.(and see if that'll work better than shallowfrying. it should!)
b) make awesome muffins. (normal & white chocolate chip. and white chocolate & blueberry! <3)

my scales broke the other day while making awesome muffins. it just collapsed when i got it out for measuring the sugar.

and things to do on the non-kitchen based front:
* zines, zines, zines
* see if i can get the damn laptop to co-operate.
* umm.. that's all. i've got a mixed berry swedish cider in my fridge! that brings me joy. i contemplating buying a bag of baccy to have a nice wee ciggie on the balcony with cider in my hand...... temptation.
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me and carl made panna cotta on sunday semi according to this recipe, except we made if for two and made strawberry compote (chopped strawberries and heated in a pan with some sugar and a bit of water until mush.)

though to be honest, i did most of the work. carl did some stirring and drained the gelatine.

we win at foodie. <3

in other news from last weekend:

we found a weave in the car park outside the trashy nightclubs in maidstone. class.

the best shaped dress ever i found at h&m but didn't buy cos i'm poor. i remember it being more amazing though. hello hour glass.

in other news right now: not much. carl went home last night and i had to watch the apprentice on my own. oh noes, not rafe. sigh. and it's official: i need two duvets hung over the curtains to not be woken up stupid early by the sun (i hate you)
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yesterday morning i was rudely awakened by the door buzzer and knocking on my window at 5.18am by the kent police. wahey. crazy lady from upstairs said one of the crackwhores had tried to stab someone. i don't know. blissfully oblivious or something. i discovered then that the bedroom curtains are far too light and i can't get back to sleep after my daily randomly waking up for no reason sometime between 5 and 6. i probably hadn't realised it before because i had had carl to cuddle (except during the weekend..)

i'm at the library on one of those horrendously ancient computers where google chat doesn't work and it keeps not loading pictures in my friends list.

carl's coming back tonight after dinner and it makes me happy because i have a reason to make actual nice food. when it's just me, it doesn't really matter if it's dead nice.

i finally managed to add some zines from my box onto my etsy shop. i've currently got 4 COPIES of your pretty face is going straight to hell #3 left and i'm going make some more when i've sold those. (hint) i also put some yes darling but is it art?'s on there because i have a few extra left still. x
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the kitchen.

the living room

the bedroom.
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julie drove me and carl to ikea and bought lots of stuff. )

and afterwards i had a big fat spaff because i thought i'd gone into minus. but i checked my balance both last night (i couldn't believe my eyes) and this morning and i'd been a massive spanner and thought i'd had £100 in my account instead of £200. oops. which makes me a bit gutted cos i had left a few lovely things i quite wanted because of my fear of the bank balance of doom. in particular, this lamp:

i also now that i've put most of the plastic tubs into use that i should have bought more of them. another two packets perhaps, as there's only one big one and couple of time ones left empty. and the brown paper boxes. i put all my tights in one and pants and socks in another. and drew what's what on the lid. and i've realised that bygel the cutlery drainer is a bit crap and of bad design, and i had to wrap it in cling film to keep the cutlery from slipping out of the drainer.

we lumbered all the stuff in the back of the car and went back in and had a wee fika. free tea and coffee with my ikea family card and i got me a good old nordic cinnamon roll that was a bit stale but AMAZING. man, i miss cinnamon buns. i need to bake some korvapuusti soon, hopefully this time it won't go as rubbish as last time. i even had my free re-fill, julie was too slow with her tea and carl's had flared his toothache to the max. me and carl forgot our brilliant sandwiches in the car after unloading all the things in the flat and carl's drugs and the bottle of water. and i didn't even have any of the bacon baguettes. which made me rather sad last night when i still thought i was skint to the max.

today i got up early with carl and went out to check the pennies and talk to mhs about the bad stuff and came back and sorted out my kitchen cupboards while listening to harry potter and the half blood prince.

four random rubbish pictures from around the flat )
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ikea shopping list.. )
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Give me something I can make a top five list out of. Anything at all: top five favorite socks, top five favorite smells, or anything you want to know my top five of. The answers will be in my next post.

amuse me, and i'll maybe actually make lists. while bored at work pretending to do things while everything freezes. (i'm learning to be less efficient)

we went to lis' sunday afternoon around four for a supposedly brief visit and ended up looking at the clock accidently sometime past seven and going huh? and went home to make excellent vegetable pilaff we stole a recipe for from asda magazine. we had some coffee / tea at lis' and bitched about how life is shit and told rob he should start an acoustic pub cover band because people love acoustic covers of songs (think newton faulkner..) it was all very nice and i think there's a semi plan of us going there for boozing during the weekend again. i told them to come with to the indelicates on friday but we'll see.

julie's supposed to come down for dinner on thursday. this makes me a bit happy.

carl's just got his working tax credit decision, and some money too (says letter) we're going to go see the benefits helping lady on wednesday, and start figuring out the money and benefits and paper work side of him moving in. beginning of may i say, beginning of may. i've been internet shopping for a real bed on the ikea website (he likes this, i slightly prefer this) but that's internet window shopping, really.

i've got an application form for a real job in my pocket. i don't think i'll get it, but i shall try anyway.
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* julie said she'll take me to ikea when she's back from the caravan in devon or cornwall as long as i give her some petrol moneys. yay.
* i tried on a polkadot dress at primark and it's almost perfect (just almost because it doesn't have sleeves. i like sleeves and not shaving)
* there was a massive queue at the post office, i'll go and post loads of zines tomorrow to two addresses.
* i hate the effort/profit margin of the job but i'm sure i'd hate any other job more, just not on the effort/profit margin.
* i like my gay dad tape. i wish i had certain songs in mp3 format so i could share them.
* i just don't know what to say to some people, so i say nothing at all. nothing at all. i'm not ignoring you, i'm just.. crap.
* carl really really loves N*E*R*D which makes me love him a bit more.
* he also got me a naughty dvd decoder program which i haven't yet installed, but if it works i can finally screencap my moomin puppetry dvd. this excited me possibly too much. i can have puppet moomin icons. sad.
* i'm experimenting in my cooking tonight with some recipies i'm adjusting for a cooking zine i might do. i'm making a less effort / less marinading (maybe even veggie) version of runaway bay jamaican chicken. i made if for carl's birthday and apart from the fact that the marinade sort of burned on his mum's george foreman grill, it was beauticious. too bad i forgot that plantain carl got at asda at his house. oh well, it wasn't quite ripe enough anyway...
* why am i still here?
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i still maintain i make the most excellent pizza (i don't particularly want to cook anything else lately. what's wrong with me?) trying to figure out something to make tonight for me and the missus without having to buy much. yesterday i was only supposed to get some cheese for the pizza but somehow ended up with all sorts of things (salad, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, cheese, an amazing lemon tart?) today we are going to buy carl man jammies (because jammie pants help him sleep, apparently) and i think i'm supposed to make another 30 copies of your pretty face #2 for that massive order i mentioned yesterday. oh fun. tomorrow we are going to go see the benefits advising lady to shut carl's mum up.

yesterday we went jammie hunting (not buying) and charity shopping and i came home with 3 casette tapes of 90's excellence: "generation terrorists" by manic street preachers, "leisure" by blur and "leisure noise" by gay dad. when we walked into burton, a really strange remix of "apply some pressure" was playing. so strange i didn't recognise the song at first.

i had forgotten how much i love "friends of mine" by adam green. the new one.. we aren't sure. and it has hanson on track 6 which confuses me.

i've got a list of things to write about and list of things to type up and.. yeah. sometimes it's hard to actually get things like this done when you've got a boyfriend sitting next to you begging for cuddles every five minutes like a wee puppy. bless him, but gah! i'm getting nothing done. i really wish he did have somewhere to go during the day.

i've sort of misplaced my library card. pft. but i could do with a new one anyway.

i rang the tax people and they are officially useless. and i'm useless at arguing.

ps. kids, don't forget about the strike
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holy feck. i just received an order for 30 copies of your pretty face is going straight to hell #2 from [ profile] ciaradistro for learning to leave a paper trail distro. 30 COPIES! distros have usually asked 5 copies at a time, i just didn't expect that. i folded and stapled together the nine copies i've got printed last night. i wasn't going to make any more copies until i've finished #3 (it's going ok) and can just do it all in one go and scam a bit more (i've got glorious xerox scams at local staples, they have self service and they do not check, so you can lie your face off. which i kind of do. bad girl.) and use the £3 voucher while i'm there. and then have a big feast of folding, cutting, assembling, stapling and colouring in one night while watching hollyoaks or something. i'd say a dvd but computer doesn't have a dvd decoder and carl takes laptop with him when he goes. then again, i could do it during a weekend and rope him into it too. yeah.

and by the way, [ profile] ciaradistro said these nice things about the zine:

"if you are curious about what i liked about your zine...i don't know. i think a big part of it is that i just moved into my own apartment (no roommates!) & it's a really gorgeous place. a big one-bedroom with an office, so it could be a two-bedroom if i wanted. but it's a gazillion times more expensive than anywhere else i have ever lived. so money is a constant struggle. reading a zine about someone who is looking for a job & living in a not-so-great living situation & trying to find an improved place & trying to make a relationship work at the same time...something about it just resonated with me. yeah, maybe it's not a totally unique experience, or all political or anything, but it still engaged me in that way i want to be engaged when i read a zine. take care."

which made me realise i need to step up a gear on what i've got so far on issue #3, its just frivulous babble so far. but i started writing something serious last night and it's not going bad. there's a whole other pile of 'serious' stuff already semi written, but that's for #4, the love issue. god.


i went to do my laundry at carl's uncle's yesterday as usual and got a ride there and back from his ma and pa. and while my washing had its spinny spinny i got humped by princess the dog (or she was scratching her big fat belly against my knee. she's incredibly fat and insane. like a giant shiny mentalist rat. but she's ok) and coloured in disney princess with kayleigh age 7 and made finger puppets with her and played guess who and won every time. me and carl played afrikan tähti for a couple of hours saturday night and he won four times out of five. i should have never told him he could fly. (i'm not a very good loser sometimes)

me and carl made cookies last night. the recipe we adjusted to our abilities and resources at 9pm on a sunday night (what ever was in the cupboard, and i couldn't find the bicarbonated soda) said that each cookie is 1222 calories, but i think you would agree with me, that is IMPOSSIBLE. stupid australian women's weekly must have added an extra 2 in there. it didn't taste like 1222 calories, maybe 200 at most.

i've been wearing lots of 'lady shoes' lately. my kitten shoes, and pointy bright green ballerinas. they go nicely with the purple jeans. i love my purple jeans. i need another similar pair so i can wear other things too.

ps. my new favourite food combo is: rice and peas (with coconut and chillies!) and fried plantain. i love the plantain, it's amazing. i also like the jerk chicken that carl makes with all that but the rice and the plantain are my favorite bit.

mm tasty

Mar. 15th, 2008 04:41 pm
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i had a bit of a spaff and carl's not slept at all again (for fuck knows what reason) which is not a good combination. but i've been to the oriental market (go me) and hopefully bought the right kind of thai basil. apparently there's two kinds and they smells completely different. or actually, i couldn't smell the one i bought and the other one smelled amazing sweet basil kind (i should have probably got that) but the sweet one goes in stir fries (said the man) and we're making a nice green curry. so yeah. also needed kaffir lime leaves but they were sold out. OH WELL.

i've left carl to try and get some sleep. i'm supposed to get a film from the library but they're all a bit shit and i don't have enough cash to pay for it anyway. oopsie. i don't think the library takes cards. and they're closing. so yep.


Mar. 13th, 2008 05:16 pm
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i was thinking of making some karelian pasties (karjalanpiirakka!) today but..

i think i'm going to make these instead:

i made a genius pizza last night, with a rye base. i accidently ate the whole thing. oops. now i don't know what to make today. i made sweetcorn cakes for lunch but that went horribly wrong (they fell apart). i don't particularly want to buy anything (trying to be sensible with the money) but theres not many nice things i can do from what i've got. other than chilli... woe.

karjalanpiirakka recipe (in finnish), for my future reference. )

eta because it's not worth a new entry: i should probably go and buy some credit for my phone, but i don't particularly want to go anywhere other than straight home under the duvet with the hot water bottle. carl's left me the boosh dvd but the computer is in an incredibly akward place for watching things from the bed. boo.

i think i'm going to buy that external hard drive tomorrow. £29.99 for an 80gig hard drive is good, right? i'm just not sure if there's that much point right now, but it would be nice to stop living on a 250Mb memory stick. and actually have stuff like music and pictures and things.

long time.

Mar. 12th, 2008 01:26 pm
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i can't believe i haven't written anything since i went to the dentist. there's not much to write about. i've been working, and i've been nursing carl (he was ill for a day) and i've had a bit of a mentally really shit weekend. covered in self doubt, inadequacy to do much and frustration. i've spent a lot of time in bed.

i've somehow managed to half write issues #3 & #4 of your pretty face. how did that happen? but neither is anywhere near finished, and i want to finish #3 for the zine symposium (april 27th) which is over a month away, but i know myself, and know how impossible i can be.

carl went home yesterday and i woke up this morning in a panic thinking about how much council tax is. what the hell is wrong with me?

i made the most amazing pizza the other night. i'm officially amazing at pizza. SERIOUSLY. it almost made me cry how good it was and it was just your average tomato (tinned and sundried..) sweetcorn olives capers and cheese filling.

i've got to send some look books to france on carl's behalf. i didn't know gossip were playing in london next friday. sold out, but i entered a draw which i won't win.

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god. i love her a bit. she gives me chills. i'm sure i almost cried when i accidently saw them at hmv. i spent most of last night writing #4 stuff and listening to team dresch and gossip. i really should email her. but i don't know what to say..
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god, i hate today intensely. yesterday was bad enough, lugging all the crap from the wastin' my time studio into my flat (because they're getting kicked out, and they don't have a new place yet. it's all extremely fucked up) and carl being cranky as hell for that reason and wah. but today, fuck me, today.. work was ok i guess, but on the way to the studio to help carl with the last of the shite i went to check my bank balance cos my water bill's going out tomorrow. and wtf, i'm overdrawn by £9.40 or something. so i have a massive panicky spaff, as you would do at the thought of no moneys when you got bills to pay and how this country likes to charge you shitloads for going overdrawn when you don't have an overdraft. and then one of the carrier bags of carl's rubbish broke half way and i had a meltdown and carl threw all his birthday money at me (i borrowed £40) and stormed off and yaye. i walked to the bank while crying on the phone to mama, she's skint as fuck too, but until the end of the month, not thursday like yours truly. anyway this is where it gets a bit better (so far) i went to the bank and the lady said i won't get charged since i'm putting money in the day i went overdrawn (though i spent the money last night, who knows) which is good. but the cunts at had charged me another £8.99 on valentine's day instead refunding me the previous £8.99. cunts. so that's why i'm in the library. i've just told them off. i was supposed get my hair cut by miss ellie from work at three today, but luckily i bumped into her just as i was sending her a text asking if she'd come at half past instead. so yeah, i'm giving her a ring once i leave this place (which is in a bit) and we'll meet up in town and then go cut hair off off off, via getting the ironing board from the studio..

also carl couldn't find the lovefilm dvd's at his house monday. and we've had them since like.. last wednesday. i want to watch the rest and get rid of them!

yeah, hopefully it's going to continue a bit better, or i'll break stuff. i've got two chicken breasts in the fridge that have to be eaten today. carl says he'll make us a nice chicken curry. i really need it to be nice, i might cry otherwise.

i need to do something ziney and useful tonight that's not housework related. might otherwise cry. again.
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oops. i woke up this morning and i thought i had the jib and i phoned in sick (i had to go to tescos to use the payphone because i had left mine at the studio and none of my neighbours were answering their doors) and voila, i'm actually just fine. oh well. it was only two hours missing from my 18 per week. i asked if i could just have them as holiday. i should have enough left.

and then i got bored. and i'm still bored. and there is a load of dishes to do because someone (carl) said wednesday night "i'll do them in the morning" and he had to get to the studio early yesterday morning. he was supposed to come back and do them before going home but.. obviously not. so i just bought myself a cheap pizza so no dishes were made and didn't touch them. i was rather pissed off with him last night, i'm just not going to have any "i'll do it in the morning" ever again. (way too overdramatic about dishes here, aye?)

i watched paha maa yesterday and even though it is the most depressing film ever with no redemption it seems, you should put it on your love film list if you have one because.. that's finland. except more depressing. we've got some good times too. honest.

i think i'll just go home and try to do something useful. go to shelter and see if they have chests of drawers. write. something.
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i am so bored. i'm at carl's uncle's house, waiting for my washing to be done in the tumble drier. i've been here for about three hours already, helped auntie allison make a curry which wasn't eaten because she had to go to work, eaten too many pancakes, got obsessed with asda strawberry jam (it has absolutely no lumps!) and been soiled by callum the toddler. wahey. obviously, i have also made two loads of washing and i'm waiting for the second load to be done in the tumble drier.

i desperately need a hair cut, i can't actually comb my hair properly and wah it's horrid and too long. i could be a fucking mermaid, almost. luckily i've talked one of the girls from work into cutting it, and she used to do hairdressing in college so.. it's not like i'm looking for a really complicated haircut. i just need to find a picture for her to work on.

possible haircuts:

but obviously a bit shorter. otherwise i'll need another haircut right away..

they are basically the same haircut though, aren't they?

though to be honest, i'd like this hair, but i just don't have the patience for long hair anymore.... )

good hair = very important for a girls' mental health.

ps. what do you think?
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i am so bored. and i have nothing nothing nothing to say. but yet i'm making an entry. it seems i might have a bit of a social life this week, it all comes at once, but i shant complain. i was going to get ellie from work to cut my hair this week (she offered cos she did hairdressing at college) but woe i'm too busy. who would have though. carl's been staying with me for over a week now, he's been supposed to go home since sunday but it's sort of not happening. tomorrow though. i'm not really getting anything done (but would i get anything done if he wasn't here? probably not)

it looks like by the end of the week (or just plain old next week) i will indeed have a five year old imac in my possession. i'm a bit sad that it isn't the one i always used to use in the little internet bit at college, it's the one next to it. i only know this cos it has a "1" sticker on it, and i was always on "2". i think. i went to take old michael caine (my old laptop of the pc variety, that is very dead. apparently £140 + VAT to fix. ;;;____; i'm ok with his death, he did after all die a year and a half ago..)'s external cdr/dvd drive to bjorn at college to see if it'd work and make formatting and reinstalling everything easier. and it did work. eventually. so yaye. i've promised to give his old laptop back this week, and i'm going to. because i said i would. (i do hope he's in on friday..)

i went to carl's auntie's and uncle's on sunday to do my washing because lis' machine broke and i had no clean working trousers. i think that's going to be where i do my washing from now on because they've got a tumble dryer! and everything takes ages to dry in my flat (seriously, at least two days..) i do have to stay there for two hours every time though, one hour for the washing machine, the second for the dryer, and be bothered by a very hyper seven year old. i spent most of the two hours being hit with a balloon, or trying to cath and throw one. wahey.

yep. nothing to say.


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