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i've made myself a new layout but it's all wonky (but no terribly) and i can't be arsed to fix. i guess you need to work on such things while on internets and as you know, I DONT HAVE INTERNETS. oh me, so deprived.

other things:

1. i put down the prices on my etsy shop, was $30, now $20! buy things pls.

carl's going to set up his own next week to get rid off some old stock / samples that are cluttering up my living room. there's apparently a big suitcase of them at jay's parents too.. it's not even funny how much there is. and they're gonna sell them for a tenner. that £10 / $20 / €15. a bargain. look out for that y'all.

2. i had a super short day yesterday (1 hour!) and me and carl spent the whole day tidying the flat (well, i went out two times, first to get missing part of clothes rail from the art centre and then to get my keys that i had forgotten at work and to pay my rent (except i forgot my bag at the flat) and to take two bags of clothes to charity shops and one bag of empty bottles to recycling.) and now it's like proper proper tidy and doesn't seem like somewhere i live. but its nice. carl said if there's a hair out of place, he's never going to move in. and i haven't (yet) managed to spoil it. but there's still over five hours before he comes back (he went home last night) i was supposed to tidy the kitchen cupboard (the last thing) but it was too cold and nngh last night, and i dont know. we'll see if i manage it. i guess i could, while listening to harry potter and the chamber of secrets (i finished philosopher's stone this morning while making helmivelli for breakfast.

3. while tidying i decided to get rid of some clothes that i don't wear / fit into anymore and i took that two bags of them to shelter but there's a few things i think deserve a proper proper home. and i'll post them here sometime next week cos i didnt get the chance to describe them proper last night or measure them. these are some / all of them, let me know if you're interested. i'm open to offers. ) i'll make a proper selling entry next week.

4. carl's hair is serious business. give us your opinion, thank you please.

i'm going to go and pay my rent and buy an aliceband and try on trousers i won't buy at new look. and then have a look at that kitchen cupboard.
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carl needs a haircut too, but we don't know what kind. WHAT DO YOU THINK? suggestions in preferable image form in the comments, this is actual serious business.

this is what carl looks like, incase you didn't know )
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the picture is not great but im not entirely sure where beth (the camera)'s usb is and the flat is a mess, covered in all that wastin' my time stuff so i didn't bother looking last night, so i just took one at work while photographing a dirty playboy pocket organiser. i like it. now, all i need is some hairdye...

and in other, boring news.. )
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i am so bored. i'm at carl's uncle's house, waiting for my washing to be done in the tumble drier. i've been here for about three hours already, helped auntie allison make a curry which wasn't eaten because she had to go to work, eaten too many pancakes, got obsessed with asda strawberry jam (it has absolutely no lumps!) and been soiled by callum the toddler. wahey. obviously, i have also made two loads of washing and i'm waiting for the second load to be done in the tumble drier.

i desperately need a hair cut, i can't actually comb my hair properly and wah it's horrid and too long. i could be a fucking mermaid, almost. luckily i've talked one of the girls from work into cutting it, and she used to do hairdressing in college so.. it's not like i'm looking for a really complicated haircut. i just need to find a picture for her to work on.

possible haircuts:

but obviously a bit shorter. otherwise i'll need another haircut right away..

they are basically the same haircut though, aren't they?

though to be honest, i'd like this hair, but i just don't have the patience for long hair anymore.... )

good hair = very important for a girls' mental health.

ps. what do you think?
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i am so bored. and i have nothing nothing nothing to say. but yet i'm making an entry. it seems i might have a bit of a social life this week, it all comes at once, but i shant complain. i was going to get ellie from work to cut my hair this week (she offered cos she did hairdressing at college) but woe i'm too busy. who would have though. carl's been staying with me for over a week now, he's been supposed to go home since sunday but it's sort of not happening. tomorrow though. i'm not really getting anything done (but would i get anything done if he wasn't here? probably not)

it looks like by the end of the week (or just plain old next week) i will indeed have a five year old imac in my possession. i'm a bit sad that it isn't the one i always used to use in the little internet bit at college, it's the one next to it. i only know this cos it has a "1" sticker on it, and i was always on "2". i think. i went to take old michael caine (my old laptop of the pc variety, that is very dead. apparently £140 + VAT to fix. ;;;____; i'm ok with his death, he did after all die a year and a half ago..)'s external cdr/dvd drive to bjorn at college to see if it'd work and make formatting and reinstalling everything easier. and it did work. eventually. so yaye. i've promised to give his old laptop back this week, and i'm going to. because i said i would. (i do hope he's in on friday..)

i went to carl's auntie's and uncle's on sunday to do my washing because lis' machine broke and i had no clean working trousers. i think that's going to be where i do my washing from now on because they've got a tumble dryer! and everything takes ages to dry in my flat (seriously, at least two days..) i do have to stay there for two hours every time though, one hour for the washing machine, the second for the dryer, and be bothered by a very hyper seven year old. i spent most of the two hours being hit with a balloon, or trying to cath and throw one. wahey.

yep. nothing to say.


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