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we went to riikka's birthday last night. when we got there the only people there were riikka, kristian and erno, but soon after people started rolling in and i ended up being rather drunk and talking to a lot of people, favourites consisting of:

- a boy who's from my brother's year back in school school and i once sang the ussr national anthem on a grassy bit in the middle of karis during one faithful karjaan yö i actually went out. small world, aye?

- james aka shiny shoes aka moustache man. he looks incredibly hoxton twat but was very nice. and had shiny shoes. (i want to be his friend but i'm not sure i'm allowed since he lives with jay's ex girlfriends best friends or something. wahey. one of whom told me that she generally describes me as a mixture between björk and billy corgan. i understand the björk (i've heard it a billion times before, maybe its a nordic weirdo thing..) but billy corgan? can any of you see it? she said it makes sense to people, usually. i also do wonder why she needs to describe me to people, i think i've met her twice before. when she came to the halloween party with hannah (jay's ex) and.. err. she was at the private view but i didn't talk to her....)

- louise. she not a stranger but she said i looked like i'd lost weight. which was nice.

i would've stayed out longer but carl was tired and then on the way home in the chip shop it turned out i was off my face as i couldn't stand still. go me. i have some drunken idiot shame.

this morning there was lots of police around and i think the dealer next door was arrested. or something. someone was.

having lovely roasted veg and spicy bean and lentil loaf tonight and watching silly films. there's a bottle of tequila and carl wants us to get drunk again, but my liver's not happy even though i'm allowed to do it in my jammies.


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