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i went to [info]oh_meow's yesterday. she made stir fry and noodles and i ate really fast because i was starving and we watched science of sleep, which is hard to watch while eating because there is some reading to be done (unless you understand french and spanish, which i don't) but it was glorious and confusing like when you have had a vivid dream that confuses you about what happened and what was a dream. and it was pretty. i cant find images that do justice on the google. boo you internets.

i was supposed to go see [ profile] emofringe in the london town today but.. it's just one of those days. i was walking up to the station in the rain and wind, my panda shaped umbrella falling apart in the gusts not feeling terribly up to it when carl rang me pleading me to go back to the flat to look for his bank card cos he couldnt find it anywhere. i couldnt find it anywhere either. and i texted kasper my apologies and woe and sat back on the bed feeling sorry for myself. five minutes after giving up on everything carl texted me that he found the card behind the telly at his house. i have no idea how it got there, i dont think he does either.

i'm just incredibly unsociable today. i'm considering baking some muffins but i fear that might just go horribly horribly wrong and make me feel worse. i'm quite definitely just going to get a pizza from tesco on my way back and quite possibly burn it by accident (my oven is evil) i want something nice in my belly. and pizza is something that is always nice. i'm starting to think i should have just stayed at work today, none of this short day shit. and fixed the links to the rock hard fairies costumes and blah.

maybe tomorrow will be better. i've promised to take the norwegian laptop back the possession of bjorn. i might go need to go to allisons to do laundry, but i might just hand wash the work clothes and let that be it. carl's coming back and saturday morning [ profile] _borntolose's going to be here and it'll be kitten galore with buffy drinking game and baking.

i guess it's time to go home by now, grab that pizza on the way and start tidying and cut and pasting. there's far too much to make zine from just not enough words.

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incase you missed the exhibition (shame on you!) here are some photos i took saturday when i was invigilating.

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