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Efelide Efelide
Date: 20 Mar 2008, 17:03

Subject: No Subject

i've found your link in babyshambles' web site.. i really love your works!the oldies in particular are amazing,but also the newest are very good!
uhm.. nothing in particular.. i want to show you some love :D

a lot of good things for you
cheers from italy

(check her 'who i'd like to meet'. wtf/ftw)

i never realised i was linked at the 'shambles site. which is probably a bit slow. yep. but makes sense, since the fine miss jasmine made it back in the day. god, i'm so scene its not funny and i don't even try. fuck's sake.

that was all. & i need to stop going to staples to photocopy patches of zines every fucking day.

yep. that was well interesting. must go home and make a quiche. maybe pop in the art centre, they are relaunching today. there might be free something. and people i like and know. or not.
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dear ma,

please stop saying "we slept together!" when talking about uncle richey. just. don't.

your cringing pretend daughter.
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carl went into pdsa (charity shop) today while i was paying for my new frilly knickers at primark and he came back with a mint (record wise) limited post bag 12" of stay beautiful by them manic street preachers for 99p. omfg! i guess old habits die hard as i squeeked like a big fat fan girl and have made a semi plan of putting the big fuck off poster on my wall. it's got a rip in the corner and staple holes so it's not like i'm ruining anything.

(the picture's off ebay though..)

i always wanted stay beautiful in vinyl form.. and it is one of my favourites. it makes me drop down on my knees in smashed pints to play air guitar in a white dress and rita written on my neck in lipstick. something like that.

in other news, i almost got a commission to do some band in some towns with clash magazine today. oh well, maybe next time, he did say he'll keep me in mind. had i not been a domestic goddess most of yesterday (tidy tidy clean clean) i might have checked my email sometime after 4pm (when id received it) instead of 2pm today. but i'm not too gutted. as i said, maybe next time.

we's gonna watch death proof tonight. yaye.


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