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holy feck. i just received an order for 30 copies of your pretty face is going straight to hell #2 from [ profile] ciaradistro for learning to leave a paper trail distro. 30 COPIES! distros have usually asked 5 copies at a time, i just didn't expect that. i folded and stapled together the nine copies i've got printed last night. i wasn't going to make any more copies until i've finished #3 (it's going ok) and can just do it all in one go and scam a bit more (i've got glorious xerox scams at local staples, they have self service and they do not check, so you can lie your face off. which i kind of do. bad girl.) and use the £3 voucher while i'm there. and then have a big feast of folding, cutting, assembling, stapling and colouring in one night while watching hollyoaks or something. i'd say a dvd but computer doesn't have a dvd decoder and carl takes laptop with him when he goes. then again, i could do it during a weekend and rope him into it too. yeah.

and by the way, [ profile] ciaradistro said these nice things about the zine:

"if you are curious about what i liked about your zine...i don't know. i think a big part of it is that i just moved into my own apartment (no roommates!) & it's a really gorgeous place. a big one-bedroom with an office, so it could be a two-bedroom if i wanted. but it's a gazillion times more expensive than anywhere else i have ever lived. so money is a constant struggle. reading a zine about someone who is looking for a job & living in a not-so-great living situation & trying to find an improved place & trying to make a relationship work at the same time...something about it just resonated with me. yeah, maybe it's not a totally unique experience, or all political or anything, but it still engaged me in that way i want to be engaged when i read a zine. take care."

which made me realise i need to step up a gear on what i've got so far on issue #3, its just frivulous babble so far. but i started writing something serious last night and it's not going bad. there's a whole other pile of 'serious' stuff already semi written, but that's for #4, the love issue. god.


i went to do my laundry at carl's uncle's yesterday as usual and got a ride there and back from his ma and pa. and while my washing had its spinny spinny i got humped by princess the dog (or she was scratching her big fat belly against my knee. she's incredibly fat and insane. like a giant shiny mentalist rat. but she's ok) and coloured in disney princess with kayleigh age 7 and made finger puppets with her and played guess who and won every time. me and carl played afrikan tähti for a couple of hours saturday night and he won four times out of five. i should have never told him he could fly. (i'm not a very good loser sometimes)

me and carl made cookies last night. the recipe we adjusted to our abilities and resources at 9pm on a sunday night (what ever was in the cupboard, and i couldn't find the bicarbonated soda) said that each cookie is 1222 calories, but i think you would agree with me, that is IMPOSSIBLE. stupid australian women's weekly must have added an extra 2 in there. it didn't taste like 1222 calories, maybe 200 at most.

i've been wearing lots of 'lady shoes' lately. my kitten shoes, and pointy bright green ballerinas. they go nicely with the purple jeans. i love my purple jeans. i need another similar pair so i can wear other things too.

ps. my new favourite food combo is: rice and peas (with coconut and chillies!) and fried plantain. i love the plantain, it's amazing. i also like the jerk chicken that carl makes with all that but the rice and the plantain are my favorite bit.


Mar. 13th, 2008 05:16 pm
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i was thinking of making some karelian pasties (karjalanpiirakka!) today but..

i think i'm going to make these instead:

i made a genius pizza last night, with a rye base. i accidently ate the whole thing. oops. now i don't know what to make today. i made sweetcorn cakes for lunch but that went horribly wrong (they fell apart). i don't particularly want to buy anything (trying to be sensible with the money) but theres not many nice things i can do from what i've got. other than chilli... woe.

karjalanpiirakka recipe (in finnish), for my future reference. )

eta because it's not worth a new entry: i should probably go and buy some credit for my phone, but i don't particularly want to go anywhere other than straight home under the duvet with the hot water bottle. carl's left me the boosh dvd but the computer is in an incredibly akward place for watching things from the bed. boo.

i think i'm going to buy that external hard drive tomorrow. £29.99 for an 80gig hard drive is good, right? i'm just not sure if there's that much point right now, but it would be nice to stop living on a 250Mb memory stick. and actually have stuff like music and pictures and things.
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this is entirely for my benefit. ) it's no use for you unless a) you understand finnish and b) want to make muffins. i treated myself to an electric handmixer (£4.97) and another pair of silky frilly knickers (50p) and carl's staying tonight.


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