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"´¨`·..♥ * » § I FEEL STRANGE, MOSTLY BECAUSE I AM. § « * ♥..·´¨`"

if it's not worth pretending then i don't want to know.

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"´¨`·..♥ * » § I FEEL STRANGE MOSTLY BECAUSE I AM. § « * ♥..·´¨`"

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all this love, ballad of a mixtape, being gay for.. stuff, big gay family fun, big gay words, big messy gay thing, billy b. childish, braid, brain munching obsessions, bumming in the dark, business barratt, cold cold hearts, comet gain, d00minic, dance this mess around, dancing in the queue, depeche mode, doing the hippogriff, drink smoothies and destroy, electro poofing, emonade, escaping to the seaside, everybody love the moon, gang of giggles, gay swedish electro, hernerokka perkele, historical fitties, japanesey thingies, jens lekman, john waters, jurassic crack, lady sovereign, ladycham, lamont, land booze, landicecream, larrikin love, lindsay lohan, ludacris, me and ma homies, mind bumming stephen fry, musical paris hilton, my oblong bastard child, olahugs, old gregg, partyline, patrick wolf, pink tall beehives, porn acid, precious french emo fags, rainbow stylin'!, re-reclaiming the word "queer", robots in disguise, say no to queuejumping, shiny pointy fittie, sixties girl groups, son of dork, songs about dead bikers, stump fucking, team dresch, terrific bunny bumming, the ark, the b-52's, the brand minority, the dead ladies, the mighty boosh, the obscenesters, the ronettes, the shangri-las, this english melancholy, throwing knives not parties, tickle me emo, too twee to fuck, tram #7 to heaven, true love never dies, tweemotional heartcore, unicorns on crack, unicorns with aids, utter lack of decorum, vaavi, vampire sushi, vince noir, x's and o's...
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