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WRITTEN ON WEDNESDAY: i went to glasgow last weekend and it was good times and i feel much more emotionally solid about being back home than after i got back from leeds. i think i did something to my left foot while i was up there though cos it's quite a bit bigger than my right one at the moment. i think i might have to try to get the bus to the train station tomorrow instead of trying to walk. it just doesn't seem like a good idea to walk on it right now. too bad the bus timetable is EVEN WORSE in the morning. how is that possible? don't they want people to go to work? there is literally one bus that goes from my stop to train station, and in the evening there are at least three if not more. honestly.

NOW: i went to the doctors today, i got the bus into town (wow two stops, less than five minutes, but that damn foot) went to the surgery before they opened instead of trying to get through on the phone cos that shit is so USELESS.  they opened at 9, i was there at 10 to, and i got an appointment for 10.40 with the nurse practitioner. i went to primark to see if they had anymore skinny joggers in XXL cos they old ones are falling apart and one bit is actually Almost See Through. they had 2 pairs and i got them both because i know i will wear the fuck out of them. also grabbed some other trousers and two kind of cropped t-shirts. (the trousers are a bit snug, i think they'll go back cos i can't be doing with this ~almost there~. anyway. then i went to costa and got a coffee and read faith the vampire slayer's diary.anyway the nurse practitioner gave me a prescription from a steroid nasal spray for evil hayfever (i will take my first sniff tomorrow) and for the foot she just told me to take ibuprofen for the pain and come back if it doesn't get better, because of course today it wasn't that swollen and i guess it doesn't hurt quite as bad as yesterday. felt a bit brushed off on the foot front but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when i got the nasal spray from the pharmacy bit apparently my fluoxetine repeat prescription was still there and kinda valid. i'd last filled it in 2014. i've actually been meaning to see the doctor about it and maybe go back on the medication, but i'll do that some other day. i think next week i'm going to sign up at a different surgery, that's like 5 mins from my house and a much smaller less busy surgery. they're not open on saturdays but i bet they will be easier to get an appointment with than the most popular surgery in town.

i was going to do the daily routine thing [personal profile] actualem did / asked folks to do, but but but my daily routine is gonna change next week because oops i think i accidentally sorted myself out a rideshare to work with this new guy adam who lives in rochester and is very softly spoken. this is yay because i'll save £10+ a day on train and bus fares (we haven't discussed petrol money but tbh he implied he's gonna drive to work and use up that petrol anyway, so who knows if he'd even take ££ from me) but not yay because i won't be able to read / write during my commute and i'll have to talk to this currently a stranger. YIKES. i guess eventually we might get to comfortable silence routine where i can be like 'im just gonna listen to my audiobook and stare out the window, ok?' but not for at least a week. i wont really save much time, as i'll leave house about 8, which is same time i've been leaving for later train, but i'll actually get in On Time. it's maybe a 20 min difference, i dont know. annoyingly i also just topped up my arrivaclick account (the summon by app bus) friday morning and i have like £20 credit on there. ugh. i mean i'll probably end up using it at some point, if he's sick or something. also i think he's a temp so he might not be there forever. who knows. but yeah, ride share is good, right? and rebs pointed out it could be like peter kay's car share. though hopefully without a Heart FM soundtrack.

i'm up too late again, i feel like i'm on the edge of breaking my good sleep pattern with all the time i've had off. tomorrow i will be good, go to bed at 10 and read my book and turn the lights off for sleep by 11.

Date: 2017-05-10 12:01 pm (UTC)
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hope yr foot is getting better bb x


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