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wednesday was the worst day.
first of all, i woke up at like 3am because my stupid previously broken wrist was hurting. i layed in bed trying to get back to sleep, listening to harry potter and the goblet of fire, crying. then i remembered there was a pack of paracetamol in my bag so i took like three and had a drink and went back to bed and cried some more. around 4am i realised sleep was probably not gonna happen and i got up and put the wifi on so at least i could read twitter or something, but some of the bodø buddies were up cos there's always the 4.30am club and i cried there some and asked the internet if this is a valid reason to call in sick cos jfc wednesday was supposed to be first day back after christmas. paracetamol didn't help. carl woke up and was annoyed at the constant blowing my nose so i could breathe (i get VERY SNOTTY when i cry hardcore) so i got the blankets and went to cry on the sofa in the living room instead. and it was cold. and i watched some fuller house on netflix cos nowtv don't have subtitles and i didn't wanna have it on too loud and that fucking wrist/hand/arm was still killing me. at half 7 i called in sick and left a message and 20 minutes later i went to carl like "shouldn't you be getting up for work babe???" so he got up and i went back to bed and at 8am started calling the doctors cos oh maybe maybe i'd get through in time to get an appointment and get some fucking help about this hellscape my wrist was keeping me in. i did get through. appointment at 9.20am, in hour and 10 minutes. so i got up, got washed and dressed and ate some breakfast, took some more paracetamol that actually finally worked (forever having that complains about thing not working, goes to show it to someone and woah the problem is suddenly gone grrr thing) and i left the house in time to get to the doctors for 9.20. except half way there i realised i couldnt remember even closing the door let alone locking it and my brain insisted I HAD TO GO BACK AND CHECK cos what if i really hadn't. obviously i had locked the bloody door, but what if. and when i left it was already 9.25. fuuuuuck. i went to the bus stop incase there was a bus cos that'd be quicker and thank fuck there was a bus yes yes yes though the driver barely stopped and i got on and got into town in 4 minutes instead of 14. then quickly walk through the station and the shopping centre and i'm fifteen minutes late total. receptionist tells me to sit down and she'll see if the doctor will still see me. after 10 minutes waiting she says "i'm really sorry but the doctor can't see you now. i can see if we can get you another appointment in the afternoon?" i start crying cos apparently that's what i do. i'd rather not go home and come back again. it's not far but it reaks of effort i cant muster on a good day and this is not a good day. the receptionists say they'll get a nurse practicioner to call me "some time after 10" and that's better than nothing, and besides this is all my fault. i should have gone for one of the afternoon appointments but i was desperate and wanted it all over and done with. i wandered into the behind the counter medicine counter and asked for advice from the lady at that till and she recommended a support bandage and bunch of ibuprofen, so i got both and went to a couple of shops to kill some time, in case the nurse called soon and i might be able to get proper prescription or advice. i looked in primark, nah. looked in the poundshops for a new diary for 2016, what happened to all the flexi plastic whatever that material is called diaries? all the ones this year have hard covers and i dont like them ffs. eventually nurse called me when i was in wilkos and the line was terrible, i couldn't quite hear her clearly and she couldn't really hear me clearly, but she said she would make me a prescription and it could be picked up in an hour. i just wanted to go home so i checked carl could collect it and yeah he could. i bought myself a pizza for lunch and fucked off home.
i tidied up by my desk and cried more. and i did dishes and i cried. i had a dance to the #didyouknowi'mnorwegian playlist and cried some more. i listen to the princess diarist audiobook and i dont think i cried at that.


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