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fuck i'm still working on that goddamn timeline. oh well except like, i'm mostly not doing that at all.

i'm also somewhat peeved because work was supposed to call my last night about the rest of the week, and they didnt. so i texted him this afternoon and have had no reply. dude, i need you to tell me in advance when you want me in that shop. i can work, i just need advance notice WHICH IS PERFECTLY FUCKING REASONABLE. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. i do NOT want to actually call him because talking to that man is so painful cos he does not listen. honestly. men. ugh. *insert that best evs gif from pretty little liars maybe*

today instead of writing i have mostly faffed and watched buffy in the daytime and then i watched 2 episodes of elementary cos that is a good thing. today was the first time i put the washing Outside to dry and it was a good thing. i think tomorrow i might repot some of my plant babies from the window sill because they are far too big for the dinky little whatever the hell those things are called. might need to buy more compost and more pots.

new band was supposed to have first gig friday, but we did tiny practice last night and decided that despite feelings about ~*not being quitters*~ / just wanting to do shit, we weren't ready for it. we need a guitarist added to the mix. two-pieces need to be like super duper tight and well we aint yet and i'm still too wobbly at the whole singing + playing thing. guitars hide mistakes / wobbles. so that's a bummer but also a relief. cos i was so nervous / scared. also last weekend i was super stressed about trying to get a practice space for a real practice and failing. on top of everything else. so yeah.

fuck i'm gonna try to finish that stupid timeline. i started writing semi detailed descriptions instead of just stuff like This Festival, That Festival, This Venue in Month X Year X, and i have urls for relevant livejournal entries and shit. though tbh i'm only at 2003 with the timeline and the already written bit is up to spring 2005, what am i even doing? i'm sure i have a reason for this shit.

i should also definitely do the food shop but i can't even think of what we should eat in the next 7 days. ffs the food shop is like the most stressful part of the week maybe? maybe it's cos i try too hard? i'm not gonna be home for dinner on saturday anyway. hoping i will make some £££ at the bookfair and not feel too bad about getting a takeaway something to eat on the train home. yeah, i'm gonna be that gal again. i was even doing research trying to see if there's anything real good / interesting between goldsmiths & new cross station. i'm not having dinner at 8pm even if it'd be cheaper to just have pizza when i get home. i'm gonna be sensible and take proper lunch with me i think? anyway, i better get on with that time line.


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